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Axey Esports
Team Information
Org LocationGermany Germany
Team LocationGermany Germany
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Axey Esports is an European team.


Team Axey is a new professional esports organization from Switzerland, the team itself is based in Germany. Team Axey was founded by friends who wanted to try something new because they had the same passion for gaming. The question then arose, why not make money with what you do as a hobby anyway and which is also a lot of fun. The founders and the management of Team Axey put a lot of time into the whole project to stay on the ball and to achieve our future goals. One of our goals is to refresh the esports area in the german-speaking area and to integrate and revolutionize something new. We place a particularly strong focus on our team so that everything runs smoothly and in a familiar manner, above all to encourage and support you in everything as possible.


Player Roster

Main Team

C ID Name Role Squad Joined
Germany Claven Claven 1Player 1 2020-09-29
Germany Omer Ömer 1Player 2 2020-09-01
Germany Serhat Serhat 1Player 2 2020-10-03
Germany Hycr1s Süheyl 1Player 1 2020-09-16
Germany KarmaaNE Daniel 1Player 1 2020-09-15
Germany ZahnlosesZebra Sinan 1Player 1 2020-10-15

Academy Team

C ID Name Role Squad Joined
Belgium Dexter Daan 1Player 3 2020-07-17
Germany MisterX Maik 1Player 2 2020-07-31
Germany Scoutz Jonas 1Player 2 2020-08-16
Germany Lezaris Thomas 1Player 4 2020-07-11
Germany JumpiiX David 1Player 4 2020-09-02
Germany Neylu Lukas 1Player 3 2020-07-12
Germany Overeem Max 1Player 3 2020-10-010
Germany Cybertry Sam 1Player 4 2020-10-10
Germany Gwakzy Joni 1Player 5 2020-06-01
Germany tiago (EU Player) Tiago 1Player 3 2020-10-01
Germany Aimbotgott Jonas 1Player 4 2020-10-10



C ID Name Position
Germany Joel Joel Owner
Germany Kyubs Phillip Owner
Germany Sonic Laurin Manager
Germany GobZy Maik Manager
Germany Netox Fynn Manager
Germany lacoz Jakob Manager

Team Results

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