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Azghul/Tournament Results

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Azghul Tournament Results
DateTypePlPR PtsPlatformEventTeamRoster
2020-07-120090009PCLogo fnac.pngFnac Esport Challenge FinalTBDlogo std.pngAzghul, Sweyyz, Jan
2020-06-12Squad (3)01500015PCWL invitational.pngWar Legend: Edition Boeuf BourguignonTBDlogo std.pngAzghul, Sweyyzzuu, HoVGGG
2020-06-01Solo07300073PCWL invitational.pngWar Legend: Edition BouillabaisseSlide Esportlogo std.pngSlideAzghul
2020-05-31Squad (3)02700027PCEBSCuplogo small.pngEBS Trio Invitational #2TBDlogo std.pngMiyoki, Azghul, Sweyyzzuu
2020-05-30Squad (3)01600016PCEBSCuplogo small.pngEBS Trio Invitational #1TBDlogo std.pngTinoks, Azghul, Sweyyzzuu
2020-05-28Duo05500055450PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngContender Cash Cup Week 5 - EuropeTBDlogo std.pngSweyyzzuu, Azghul
2020-05-20Solo03400034PCWL invitational.pngWar Legend: Edition KWKSlide Esportlogo std.pngSlideAzghul
2020-03-12Duo03600036PCWL invitational.pngSolary x War LegendTBDlogo std.pngMiyoki, Azghul
2020-03-11Duo01500015PCWL invitational.pngWar Legend: Edition du Pain de CampagneTBDlogo std.pngMiyoki, Azghul
2020-03-10Duo03100031PCWL invitational.pngWar Legend: Edition du Fromage qui PueTBDlogo std.pngMiyoki, Azghul
2020-03-04Duo04400044PCWL invitational.pngWar Legend: Edition de la Soupe aux ChouxTBDlogo std.pngAzghul, MuGI
2020-03-03Duo04400044PCWL invitational.pngWar Legend: Edition de la Soupe à l'OignonTBDlogo std.pngAzghul, Dragou
2020-02-11Solo01900019PCWL invitational.pngWar Legend: Edition du TerroirSlide Esportlogo std.pngSlideAzghul
2020-02-10Solo03700037PCWL invitational.pngWar Legend: Invitational - #14Slide Esportlogo std.pngSlideAzghul
2020-02-04Solo04200042PCWL invitational.pngWar Legend: Baguette EditionSlide Esportlogo std.pngSlideAzghul
2019-12-1702200022PCUnknown Infobox Image - Tournament.pngDOIGCUP #2 - FINALTBDlogo std.pngAzghul, Kiman, Tonyy, benJyyy2k
2019-11-29Squad (4)0040004PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngFriday Nite Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 1 - Week 5: EuropeTBDlogo std.pngAzghul, Tinoks, Foxyy, Decyptos
2019-09-08Squad (3)111000111500PCFNCSlogo small.pngFortnite Champion Series: Season X - Week 4: EuropeTBDlogo std.pngAzghul, Lucknow, Decyptos
2019-09-01Squad (3)133000133500PCFNCSlogo small.pngFortnite Champion Series: Season X - Week 3: EuropeTBDlogo std.pngTonyy, Azghul, Decyptos