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Background Information
Country of BirthUnited States United States
 North America East
Power Rankings
Team History
Apr 2020 - Jun 2020
Playerrole icon.png
Logo std.pngCosa Nostra Gaming

"Bucktee" was previously a player for Cosa Nostra Gaming.



Player Settings

Player Settings - Last Updated: ([ Source])
DPI Sens X Sens Y ADS Sens Scoped Sens
Resolution Aspect Ratio 3D Resolution Inventory Building Edit
Wall Floor Stairs Roof Trap

Tournament Results

This table shows only results that give Power Rankings points. For complete results, click here.

Bucktee Tournament Results
DateTypePlPR PtsPlatformEventTeamRoster
2020-09-22Squad (3)06500065425PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngChampion Trio Cash Cup: Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 2 - NA-EastTBDlogo std.pngBucktee, Death, Zykoma
2020-09-18Solo05400054700PCDHOpenlogo small.pngDreamHack Open September - NA-EastTBDlogo std.pngBucktee
2020-09-13Solo04600046800PCDHOpenlogo small.pngDreamHack Open September - NA-WestTBDlogo std.pngBucktee
2020-08-21Solo01700017950PCDHOpenlogo small.pngDreamHack Open August - NA-EastTBDlogo std.pngBucktee
2020-08-12Squad (3)02600026560PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngChampion Trio Cash Cup: Chapter 2 Season 3 Week 4 - NA-WestTBDlogo std.pngBucktee, Zykoma, Leaffr
2020-08-08Solo298000298605PCFNCS C2S3 small.pngFortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2 Season 3 Qualifier 3 Round 2 - NA-EastTBDlogo std.pngBucktee
2020-07-31Solo09700097500PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngBugha Throwback Cup - NA-EastTBDlogo std.pngBucktee
2020-05-21Duo04800048475PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngContender Cash Cup Week 4 - NA-WestTBDlogo std.pngBucktee, Death
2020-05-14Duo05800058450PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngContender Cash Cup Week 3 - NA-EastTBDlogo std.pngBucktee, Death
2020-04-02Solo06700067375PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngPlatform Cash Cup Solo - PC: Chapter 2 Season 2 (Ghost) Week 2 - NA-EastTBDlogo std.pngBucktee
2020-03-29Duo173000173600PCFNCS C2S2 small.pngFortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2: Season 2 Week 2 - Semi Finals - NA-EastTBDlogo std.pngBucktee, Zykoma
2020-03-15Duo04700047600PCFNCS C2S2 small.pngFNCS Chapter 2 Season 2 Warmup - NA-EastTBDlogo std.pngBucktee, Zykoma
2019-09-01Squad (3)06700067700PCFNCSlogo small.pngFortnite Champion Series: Season X - Week 3: NA-EastTBDlogo std.pngKrave, Proof, Bucktee
2019-08-23Squad (3)06200062600PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngChampion's Trios Cash Cup: Week 1 - NAETBDlogo std.pngKrave, Proof, Bucktee
2019-08-22Solo04800048600PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngChampion's Solos Cash Cup - Week 1: NA-EastTBDlogo std.pngBucktee
2019-03-04Duo157000157500PCShare The Lovelogo small.pngShare The Love - North AmericaTBDlogo std.pngBucktee, Vont





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