Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2 Season 2/Week 1/Semi finals/Brazil

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Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2: Season 2 Week 1 - Semi Finals - Brazil
FNCS C2S2logo square.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$0
Number of Teamsilliminate
Location & Dates
Start Date2020-03-21
End Date2020-03-22
Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2 Season 2 is the official league for Chapter 2: Season 2. Starting on March 13, 2020, each week Epic Games will be holding online qualifiers for the Champion Series: Season Finals on seven regions. Each week, players will have a chance to win cash prizes and qualify for the Champion Series: Season Finals



  • Stage One: Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2 Season 2 - Weekly: 4 weeks of online qualifiers (13 Mar - 19 Apr).
    Opens & Semi-Finals on Saturday, Finals on Sunday. 3 hour session, 10 match limit.
    • Top 1000 duos advance to round 2.
    • Top 50 duos from all regions advance to Finals on Sunday.
    • Top 20 duos from each final round will be promoted to the Grand Finals.
    • 200 duos qualify to the Season Grand Finals.
  • Champion Series: Week 1
      • March 21: Week 1 Rounds 1+2
      • March 22: Week 1 Round 3

Points Breakdown

Point Distribution
Scoring Points
Victory Royale 3
Top 5 2
Top 10 2
Top 15 3
Elimination 1

Prize Pool

PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsTeamPlayers
5162Ezes, FreaKz
5262Rustyk, K1ng
5362Refletz, Forone
5461Zugorow, huguinㅤ
5561rkz, mhg
5661ak, Enzinho13
5761Sheco, histtory
Sheco, histtory
5860Berchyer, Wellfn
Berchyer, Wellfn
5960loqqty, strendd
loqqty, strendd
6060144hz, Luska
144hz, Luska
6159Isurus Gaminglogo std.pngIsurus GamingNahue, Fffakkz
Isurus Gaminglogo std.pngIsurus GamingNahue, Fffakkz
6259WarTroped, ImGenerall
WarTroped, ImGenerall
6359Panderetta, misteriosalvaje1
Panderetta, misteriosalvaje1
6459rpg, fontis
rpg, fontis
6559mozart, liax
mozart, liax
6658Escaracho, zEkO
Escaracho, zEkO
6758GbL, Cltt
GbL, Cltt
6858АimC, Einstenfishy
АimC, Einstenfishy
6958Logo std.pngSlayCoqueiro, Henry
Logo std.pngSlayCoqueiro, Henry
7058petoo, KyNox
petoo, KyNox
7158tears, 1ice
tears, 1ice
7258Binho, BadFTN
Binho, BadFTN
7358Halk, D0g
Halk, D0g
7457t1no, xLuchi
t1no, xLuchi
7557RedbullKing, YtAn1N
RedbullKing, YtAn1N
7657neon, Devest
7757Nublado, Chipі
Nublado, Chipі
7857Cеrutti, 1Heitor
Cеrutti, 1Heitor
7957chino, Vxlen
chino, Vxlen
8057Tomica, Naiky
Tomica, Naiky
8157Skiper, Francholigan
Skiper, Francholigan
8256unsual, Juxi
unsual, Juxi
8356B4stardoslogo std.pngB4stardosQuickChair, TarzaN
B4stardoslogo std.pngB4stardosQuickChair, TarzaN
8456iLesh74, nov1ce
iLesh74, nov1ce
8556smuuthtv, OPattata
smuuthtv, OPattata
8656Grenade, Spxctre
Grenade, Spxctre
8756exileyd, rajada
exileyd, rajada
8856Pulgalermo, Champi
Pulgalermo, Champi
8955GuNeves, Sushy
GuNeves, Sushy
9055Logo std.pngLtKNmz, WeY
Logo std.pngLtKNmz, WeY
9155Sweix, Swift
Sweix, Swift
9255Kinnoss, CHOWA
Kinnoss, CHOWA
9355B1eel, Iamkovak
B1eel, Iamkovak
9455dott1, GUILHA1
dott1, GUILHA1
9555mundial, Buhito
mundial, Buhito
9655loraх, GørdiNN
loraх, GørdiNN
9755Lee, Draco
Lee, Draco
9855Collet, Iхki
Collet, Iхki
9955nanchi, stunkix
nanchi, stunkix
10055Loogskrt, Murilin
Loogskrt, Murilin
10154xeat, sabuga
xeat, sabuga
10254Herim, TheFeloz
Herim, TheFeloz
10354leonzhett, Lagarto
leonzhett, Lagarto
10454saddlessj, LilTifu
saddlessj, LilTifu
10554Donk7k, Peladito
Donk7k, Peladito
10654BGSZIN, faahz1n
BGSZIN, faahz1n
10754LastZombie, bstr
LastZombie, bstr
10854insovnia, charles
insovnia, charles
10954PB7, ninjasen
PB7, ninjasen
11054Relic, Aprueba
Relic, Aprueba
11153BruZADA, Kesttt
BruZADA, Kesttt
11253vapons, mаyer
vapons, mаyer
11353Jiren, Hyped
Jiren, Hyped
11453sugatt, Nah im done
sugatt, Nah im done
11553vichoo, VichiN
vichoo, VichiN
11653chagas, Atypical
chagas, Atypical
11753DrakoNz, Ndp
DrakoNz, Ndp
11853mtw, Okitek1
mtw, Okitek1
11953Nias, enzх
Nias, enzх
12053SilloN, Betto
SilloN, Betto
12152Weliaz, Lurker
Weliaz, Lurker
12252D4n1eliuss, Pedrinho
D4n1eliuss, Pedrinho
12352Wisheydp, GusTavox8
Wisheydp, GusTavox8
12452Stryker, dxlyn
Stryker, dxlyn
12552mora, Stonkis
mora, Stonkis
12652vitin, ALS
12752marhorrr, manuufn
marhorrr, manuufn
12852rayzin, Relоadz
rayzin, Relоadz
12952Lowl, Jodas
Lowl, Jodas
13051SoloQ, aleeko
SoloQ, aleeko
13151fefe, Needy
fefe, Needy
13251swxam, TaPeh
swxam, TaPeh
13351Lzk, Hs
Lzk, Hs
13451ADRI L2, MTZ
13551sno, Cl1fford
sno, Cl1fford
13651mescl, best 1
mescl, best 1
13751eddent, Fabrosboy
eddent, Fabrosboy
13851LOOW, Stayy
LOOW, Stayy
13951Shadow, FaKerN
Shadow, FaKerN
14051Goкz, Faluve
Goкz, Faluve
14150richard, AlvEsz
richard, AlvEsz
14250fakisay, n1ckn
fakisay, n1ckn
14350LuLuzito, LcSfn
LuLuzito, LcSfn
14450Siclasifico, Noclasifico
Siclasifico, Noclasifico
14550Joauzerazz, Pagnan
Joauzerazz, Pagnan
14650Danielzz, Gabrielzz
Danielzz, Gabrielzz
14750Lone, astro
Lone, astro
14850SlowStarKz, StarKzSlow
SlowStarKz, StarKzSlow
14950insano, Ryack
insano, Ryack
150506tn, XOwN
6tn, XOwN
15150Dnlk1ng, rekt
Dnlk1ng, rekt
15250Pаblozх, yаu
Pаblozх, yаu
15350naruto, feeh
naruto, feeh
15450Gank, Giiow
Gank, Giiow
15550lequeǃ, lildiо
lequeǃ, lildiо
15650stmx, ped
stmx, ped
15749Saiint, bd
Saiint, bd
15849wnr, Drae
wnr, Drae
15949Janter, Lautiboy
Janter, Lautiboy
16049SPARGO, tyze
SPARGO, tyze
16149pacos, Perkin
pacos, Perkin
16249Rinax, vlz
Rinax, vlz
16349fast, Lukkke
fast, Lukkke
16449nессlaР, Lemu
nессlaР, Lemu
16549РIРE, Fassty
РIРE, Fassty
16649GuiED, zelenoy
GuiED, zelenoy
16749Bugha, Nаtzu
Bugha, Nаtzu
16849Douser, xafıtax
Douser, xafıtax
16949junin, DanBoyy
junin, DanBoyy
17049ReVolTz, mxnteiga
ReVolTz, mxnteiga
17149Logo std.pngSKshnrk, 1440x900
Logo std.pngSKshnrk, 1440x900
17249izuki, Ghost
izuki, Ghost
17349geR, darkzfishyrr
geR, darkzfishyrr
17449no ego, Wazzxr
no ego, Wazzxr
17549Akinory, krawk
Akinory, krawk
17648Tigeerzx, roça
Tigeerzx, roça
17748yfire, Nogz
yfire, Nogz
17848Tobynho, Form4n
Tobynho, Form4n
17948Pasquarelli, Choi
Pasquarelli, Choi
18048Cassiano3K, Dandan
Cassiano3K, Dandan
18148Lipe, kNgted
Lipe, kNgted
18248AnzyFPS, spitflow
AnzyFPS, spitflow
18348luco, Damage.-13
luco, Damage.-13
18448Anony, Aposentado
Anony, Aposentado
18548A6us, qwnty
A6us, qwnty
18648Fake002, MiNNN
Fake002, MiNNN
18748Chinno, TheLolok
Chinno, TheLolok
18847Fabian1816, SebitA
Fabian1816, SebitA
18947Zuus, Davi
Zuus, Davi
19047artt, moura
artt, moura
19147Tallami, wickedzy
Tallami, wickedzy
19247Seventtfn, Dnopsz
Seventtfn, Dnopsz
19347Logo std.pngDWTfunizera, nar0n
Logo std.pngDWTfunizera, nar0n
19447howling, fuzіon
howling, fuzіon
19547prоxxy, OniquisZ
prоxxy, OniquisZ
19647Popoolo, Lucas
Popoolo, Lucas
19747Expert, Zikaue
Expert, Zikaue
19847Lean, Matx
Lean, Matx
19947Pochito, Costa
Pochito, Costa
20047jiyоu, luttisz
jiyоu, luttisz



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