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Staff database

ID Name Real Name Nationality Position Twitter Organisation
1 Zenko Andrea Memoli Italy Manager Zenko
Become Legendslogo std.pngBecome Legends
2 Loripasto76 Lorenzo Pastore Italy Manager Loripasto
Become Legendslogo std.pngBecome Legends
3 Kast2 Kevin Dellea Switzerland Manager Kast2
Dropz Esportslogo std.pngDropz Esports
4 Luuu Ludwig Kainz Austria Manager Luuu
Wave Esportslogo std.pngWave Esports
5 TCK Lukas Kloss Austria Manager TCK
Wave Esportslogo std.pngWave Esports
6 Elyxx Raphael France Manager Elyxx
Free Agentlogo std.pngFree Agent
7 SpaceS Marouane Belgium Manager SpaceS
Free Agentlogo std.pngFree Agent
8 Sazuo Steven Kutalew Germany Manager Sazuo
TheCartel Esportslogo std.pngTheCartel Esports
9 Styx Lorcan McKee Republic of Ireland Manager Styx
OtterWorld eSportlogo std.pngOtterWorld eSport
10 pepe Pepe Spain Coach Pepe
Cream Real Betislogo std.pngCream Real Betis
11 DestinyJesus Hugh Gilmour England Coach DestinyJesus
FaZe Clanlogo std.pngFaZe Clan
12 Jetpacks Jonathan Bergius Norway Coach Jetpacks
Become Legendslogo std.pngBecome Legends
13 Aim Léonard Eybert France COO Aim
Sunflower Gaminglogo std.pngSunflower Gaming