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Fortnite World Cup 2019/South America/Week 6

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Fortnite WC SA - W6 Qualifiers
FN World Cup.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$75,000
Fortnite Tracker
Location & Dates
 South America
Start Date2019-05-18
End Date2019-05-19
WinnerW7M Gaminglogo std.png pfzin, Nicks
Secondwisheydp, Gustavox8
The 2019 Fortnite World Cup is the first iteration of the tournament announced at the E3 Party Royale Celebrity Pro-Am. Starting on April 24, 2019, each week Epic Games will be holding online qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup 2019 on the 6 servers. Each week, players from all around the world will have a chance to win cash prizes and qualify for the Fortnite World Cup Finals.



  • Open Semi-Finals (18/05)
    • 3 Hour Session, 10 Match Limit
    • Top 3000 players will advance to the Online Open Finals on Sunday.
  • Open Finals (19/05)
    • 3 Hour Session, 10 Match Limit
    • Top 1 player qualify for World Cup Finals.

Points Breakdown

Points are awarded based on finishing position and kills as follows: [1]

  • Every kill is worth 1 point.
Point Distribution
Placement Points
Victory Royale 10
2-5 7
6-10 5
11-15 3

Prize Pool

PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsQualificationTeamPlayers
PlacementIcon1.png 1$6,500€5,7858.67%117W7M Gaminglogo std.pngW7M Gamingpfzin, Nicks
PlacementIcon2.png 2$5,500€4,8957.33%110wisheydp, Gustavox8
PlacementIcon3.png 3$4,500€4,0056%110xOwN, K1nG
4$4,000€3,5605.33%104OnLy Esportslogo std.pngOnLy EsportsReFleTz, KING
5$3,500€3,1154.67%99The Boys Esportslogo std.pngThe BoysPulga, TonyBoy
6$3,000€2,6704%97RED Canidslogo std.pngRED CanidsZecaPiranha, technoviking
$3,000€2,670RED Canidslogo std.pngRED CanidsZecaPiranha, technoviking
7$2,500€2,2253.33%94Mystick, Master
8$2,000€1,7802.67%91mstzera, еstevin
9$1,500€1,3352%91fakkz, SneyX
$1,500€1,335fakkz, SneyX
10$1,000€8901.33%88Logo std.pngG.V.Ins, RaFaa
$1,000€890Logo std.pngG.V.Ins, RaFaa
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11$800€7121.07%87Anonymous, Rosed by Rosa
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$800€712Anonymous, Rosed by Rosa
12$800€7121.07%869z Teamlogo std.png9z Teamsantidead, zEkO
$800€7129z Teamlogo std.png9z Teamsantidead, zEkO
13$800€7121.07%85WClicklogo std.pngWClickAimC, Shay
$800€712WClicklogo std.pngWClickAimC, Shay
14$800€7121.07%85Agressivelogo std.pngAgressiveangrykørea, tuusa
$800€712Agressivelogo std.pngAgressiveangrykørea, tuusa
15$800€7121.07%84RED Canidslogo std.pngRED CanidsSnow, Avlr
$800€712RED Canidslogo std.pngRED CanidsSnow, Avlr
16$800€7121.07%84LOUDlogo std.pngLOUDleleo, gørdiNN
$800€712LOUDlogo std.pngLOUDleleo, gørdiNN
17$800€7121.07%83Sinisters eSportslogo std.pngSinisters eSportsZuiCx, Nahue
$800€712Sinisters eSportslogo std.pngSinisters eSportsZuiCx, Nahue
18$800€7121.07%81NuckLés, lichq
$800€712NuckLés, lichq
19$800€7121.07%80Aracne Esportslogo std.pngAracne EsportsMeguita, ULuZe
$800€712Aracne Esportslogo std.pngAracne EsportsMeguita, ULuZe
20$800€7121.07%80OnLy Esportslogo std.pngOnLy EsportsZeex, Luks
$800€712OnLy Esportslogo std.pngOnLy EsportsZeex, Luks
21$700€6230.93%79Untouch, Agüs
$700€623Untouch, Agüs
22$700€6230.93%78xZyTle, dyfs
$700€623xZyTle, dyfs
23$700€6230.93%78scream, hMb
$700€623scream, hMb
24$700€6230.93%77I Dont Know Gaminglogo std.pngIDK GamingPor Nada, Hoskеs
$700€623I Dont Know Gaminglogo std.pngIDK GamingPor Nada, Hoskеs
25$700€6230.93%77Dr4g0N, forone
$700€623Dr4g0N, forone
26$700€6230.93%77bediN, Cadu
$700€623bediN, Cadu
27$700€6230.93%76Logo std.pngORobin, Batmaan
$700€623Logo std.pngORobin, Batmaan
28$700€6230.93%75neön, Devest
$700€623neön, Devest
29$700€6230.93%74Deep Voidlogo std.pngDeep VoidStellar, Berteyr
$700€623Deep Voidlogo std.pngDeep VoidStellar, Berteyr
30$700€6230.93%74Einsten01, iCabbb
$700€623Einsten01, iCabbb
31$600€5340.8%74Aprueba, Beatsburn
$600€534Aprueba, Beatsburn
32$600€5340.8%74Βecho, flowzy
$600€534Βecho, flowzy
33$600€5340.8%73Clipnode, Nothing
$600€534Clipnode, Nothing
34$600€5340.8%72histtory, Damage.-13
$600€534histtory, Damage.-13
35$600€5340.8%72OvO, МakeZ
$600€534OvO, МakeZ
36$600€5340.8%72Team Blazelogo std.pngBlazeSteayon, mojak
$600€534Team Blazelogo std.pngBlazeSteayon, mojak
37$600€5340.8%71LautA, Mirko
$600€534LautA, Mirko
38$600€5340.8%71lekmalucone, Exileyd
39$600€5340.8%71Dᴜᴄky, Fallsz
$600€534Dᴜᴄky, Fallsz
40$600€5340.8%71XOXO, Flushy
$600€534XOXO, Flushy
41$500€4450.67%69QUASARlogo std.pngQUASARLosted, Woodzilla
$500€445QUASARlogo std.pngQUASARLosted, Woodzilla
42$500€4450.67%69Lucaas, strafe
$500€445Lucaas, strafe
43$500€4450.67%68Jeader, Chigua
$500€445Jeader, Chigua
44$500€4450.67%68gbL, Kzn
$500€445gbL, Kzn
45$500€4450.67%68redlee, sushy
$500€445redlee, sushy
46$500€4450.67%68Critical Gaminglogo std.pngCritical GamingSanku, Newt
$500€445Critical Gaminglogo std.pngCritical GamingSanku, Newt
47$500€4450.67%68Critical Gaminglogo std.pngCritical GamingLeque, Dio
$500€445Critical Gaminglogo std.pngCritical GamingLeque, Dio
48$500€4450.67%68Luq, Riquelmee
$500€445Luq, Riquelmee
49$500€4450.67%67meguelzin, shaadow
$500€445meguelzin, shaadow
50$500€4450.67%67YounG, Vitinho
$500€445YounG, Vitinho
51$400€3560.53%67Eslipnot, Chipî
$400€356Eslipnot, Chipî
52$400€3560.53%679z Teamlogo std.png9z Teamleonzhett, Lagarto
$400€3569z Teamlogo std.png9z Teamleonzhett, Lagarto
53$400€3560.53%67Wild Esportslogo std.pngWild EsportsKush, Whalifa
$400€356Wild Esportslogo std.pngWild EsportsKush, Whalifa
54$400€3560.53%66ECOLE eSportslogo std.pngECOLE eSportsZenxit, n1cof
$400€356ECOLE eSportslogo std.pngECOLE eSportsZenxit, n1cof
55$400€3560.53%66Loиe, yMATH
$400€356Loиe, yMATH
56$400€3560.53%66Wild Esportslogo std.pngWild EsportsTortuga, Vichoo
$400€356Wild Esportslogo std.pngWild EsportsTortuga, Vichoo
57$400€3560.53%65Lasers, Igo
$400€356Lasers, Igo
58$400€3560.53%65W7M Gaminglogo std.pngW7M GamingDrakoNz, BlackoutZ
$400€356W7M Gaminglogo std.pngW7M GamingDrakoNz, BlackoutZ
59$400€3560.53%65DLZuuS, Filipe
$400€356DLZuuS, Filipe
60$400€3560.53%65Logo std.pngeVRustyk, TommyMDQ
$400€356Logo std.pngeVRustyk, TommyMDQ
61$400€3560.53%65Deep Voidlogo std.pngDeep VoidDkazL, Zerø
$400€356Deep Voidlogo std.pngDeep VoidDkazL, Zerø
62$400€3560.53%65Kotash, Luchi
$400€356Kotash, Luchi
63$400€3560.53%64Mabel, Sharkew
$400€356Mabel, Sharkew
64$400€3560.53%64Oxey Teamlogo std.pngOxey TeamTomi204, Tade
$400€356Oxey Teamlogo std.pngOxey TeamTomi204, Tade
65$400€3560.53%64Maxzin, ŠoouThY
$400€356Maxzin, ŠoouThY
66$400€3560.53%63Pdzin, Qbolachinha
$400€356Pdzin, Qbolachinha
67$400€3560.53%63Aracne Esportslogo std.pngAracne EsportsExterminia, Ghost
$400€356Aracne Esportslogo std.pngAracne EsportsExterminia, Ghost
68$400€3560.53%63cadeira gamer, RFX
$400€356cadeira gamer, RFX
69$400€3560.53%63LisperaN, GSX
$400€356LisperaN, GSX
70$400€3560.53%63f4zz, Dydy
$400€356f4zz, Dydy
71$400€3560.53%63Sphinix, Tio flisck
$400€356Sphinix, Tio flisck
72$400€3560.53%63bezeUM, gotsss
$400€356bezeUM, gotsss
73$400€3560.53%62Shiroke, Xuto
$400€356Shiroke, Xuto
74$400€3560.53%62Mirolla, Tisora
$400€356Mirolla, Tisora
75$400€3560.53%62Nocturnoz, Febas
$400€356Nocturnoz, Febas
76$200€1780.27%61Insovnia, ZOOM
$200€178Insovnia, ZOOM
77$200€1780.27%61Kid Player, dog player
$200€178Kid Player, dog player
78$200€1780.27%61Gabrielh99, Ed
$200€178Gabrielh99, Ed
79$200€1780.27%61placceNNNNNN, kajotaw
$200€178placceNNNNNN, kajotaw
80$200€1780.27%61ToxiC, Twayko
$200€178ToxiC, Twayko
81$200€1780.27%61miNNN, wickedzy
$200€178miNNN, wickedzy
82$200€1780.27%61flownask71, SpyXsss
$200€178flownask71, SpyXsss
83$200€1780.27%61Generall, Miracle
$200€178Generall, Miracle
84$200€1780.27%60champi1, GGOrionx
$200€178champi1, GGOrionx
85$200€1780.27%60Oxey Teamlogo std.pngOxey TeamSrMaTi, VairoV
$200€178Oxey Teamlogo std.pngOxey TeamSrMaTi, VairoV
86$200€1780.27%60Logo std.pngJKSMaTsu, Vonglummer
$200€178Logo std.pngJKSMaTsu, Vonglummer
87$200€1780.27%60Logo std.pngFUSIONRedbullK, Matilesca
$200€178Logo std.pngFUSIONRedbullK, Matilesca
88$200€1780.27%60Logo std.pngRDWcadu, PoPoT0
$200€178Logo std.pngRDWcadu, PoPoT0
89$200€1780.27%60Zugorow, Taizun
$200€178Zugorow, Taizun
90$200€1780.27%60GUNEEEVES, 1Heitor
$200€178GUNEEEVES, 1Heitor
91$200€1780.27%59Vin1zeraaa, anzy
$200€178Vin1zeraaa, anzy
92$200€1780.27%59BaacKs, xJosmann
$200€178BaacKs, xJosmann
93$200€1780.27%59Begreatlogo std.pngBegreatBeater, GuiWars
$200€178Begreatlogo std.pngBegreatBeater, GuiWars
94$200€1780.27%59I Dont Know Gaminglogo std.pngIDK GamingBrYANN, Duduh
$200€178I Dont Know Gaminglogo std.pngIDK GamingBrYANN, Duduh
95$200€1780.27%59Abacatinho, Weliaz
$200€178Abacatinho, Weliaz
96$200€1780.27%59Büzzy, Sayclon
$200€178Büzzy, Sayclon
97$200€1780.27%59WClicklogo std.pngWClickFrancholigan, Erni
$200€178WClicklogo std.pngWClickFrancholigan, Erni
98$200€1780.27%59Anonymous, tenpszzz
$200€178Anonymous, tenpszzz
99$200€1780.27%59gatise, Broggyx
$200€178gatise, Broggyx
100$200€1780.27%58Logo std.pngBRMStryker, Lukkke
$200€178Logo std.pngBRMStryker, Lukkke
10158Dsttyn, SilentUruCombo
Dsttyn, SilentUruCombo
10258Logo std.pngFAreedy, arkinøs
Logo std.pngFAreedy, arkinøs
10358Vigoss, NATANIEL7
10458Ponto50, Cr3eddd
Ponto50, Cr3eddd
10558Vini, deboxado
Vini, deboxado
10658EZG Teamlogo std.pngEZG TeamLukz, Disgurps
EZG Teamlogo std.pngEZG TeamLukz, Disgurps
10758TheSpark Esportslogo std.pngTSK Esportsh4x, baD
TheSpark Esportslogo std.pngTSK Esportsh4x, baD
10858RynZinh, RVERSX
10958Wild Esportslogo std.pngWild EsportsMvTiiP, sSeba
Wild Esportslogo std.pngWild EsportsMvTiiP, sSeba
11058Rebirth eSportslogo std.pngRebirth eSportsNivem1, Khysto
Rebirth eSportslogo std.pngRebirth eSportsNivem1, Khysto
11158Patø.dll, Formann
Patø.dll, Formann
11257dnka, Nadasx
dnka, Nadasx
11357Aceel, Kodam
Aceel, Kodam
11457Germán 62hz, Agussz
Germán 62hz, Agussz
11557Nockman, DokuSei
Nockman, DokuSei
11657memed, teruel
memed, teruel
11757HAZY Gaminglogo std.pngHAZY GamingLuco, loqqty
HAZY Gaminglogo std.pngHAZY GamingLuco, loqqty
11857Homêr, TC
Homêr, TC
11957NicøKz, ๔คккєเ
NicøKz, ๔คккєเ
12056zahuno, xTanque97
zahuno, xTanque97
12156dioguin, SaYan
dioguin, SaYan
12256Fire, Maloka
12356krzDOENTE, Really
krzDOENTE, Really
12456pLgfps, ad1K1Ng
pLgfps, ad1K1Ng
12556Hykuo, Franciiiiiiiiii1
Hykuo, Franciiiiiiiiii1
12656HEHExpeita, joaozinho51
HEHExpeita, joaozinho51
12756SweamM, 1Mαrkolα
SweamM, 1Mαrkolα
12855Nadal, kitoz
Nadal, kitoz
12955Seven Gaminglogo std.pngSeven GamingJm, Tom1
Seven Gaminglogo std.pngSeven GamingJm, Tom1
13055Logo std.pngInfinitysn0ww, pyter
Logo std.pngInfinitysn0ww, pyter
13155Drezzinho, IScuurtz
Drezzinho, IScuurtz
13255राफेल, sh4dow
राफेल, sh4dow
13355ℛメuメ, Gregorio
ℛメuメ, Gregorio
13455Dario, Crawler
Dario, Crawler
13555Logo std.pngDRGGatoxiC, Sqüishy
Logo std.pngDRGGatoxiC, Sqüishy
13654Cascão, Cebolinha
Cascão, Cebolinha
13754Wencrack07, Fan096
Wencrack07, Fan096
13854CryBABYskrrt, t0nycrf
CryBABYskrrt, t0nycrf
13954Frаns, Mafra
Frаns, Mafra
14054DarkSidelogo std.pngDarkSideFabian1816, Sebvønfroy
DarkSidelogo std.pngDarkSideFabian1816, Sebvønfroy
14154Bigas, CHAMPZERA
14254Aryuk, Bensiman
Aryuk, Bensiman
14354m4rk, naggazi
m4rk, naggazi
14454Tincho, zizoou
Tincho, zizoou
14554Logo std.pngNoRoBidu, ArMM
Logo std.pngNoRoBidu, ArMM
14654MiTrehZx, Sebasx13x
MiTrehZx, Sebasx13x
14754Wake, MANEZINN
14854shrizz, Sharkz
shrizz, Sharkz
14954Dekkazz, xFrame
Dekkazz, xFrame
15053ALAN, onix nt
ALAN, onix nt
15153yMayk, PITXX
yMayk, PITXX
15253stran yuz, Ѕnny
stran yuz, Ѕnny
15353ffusca, Kcaz
ffusca, Kcaz
15453Vrum, Muzi
Vrum, Muzi
15553Göbet, Calopi
Göbet, Calopi
15653Logo std.pngAK SASendoh, Index
Logo std.pngAK SASendoh, Index
15753Иythlogo std.pngИYTHSimplyKyli, dracul1nx
Иythlogo std.pngИYTHSimplyKyli, dracul1nx
15853ZkMøødy, tazdek
ZkMøødy, tazdek
15953Vantix Teamlogo std.pngVantix TeamMalditoRui, Diecoh
Vantix Teamlogo std.pngVantix TeamMalditoRui, Diecoh
16053okitek1, Julian
okitek1, Julian
16153Never Give UPlogo std.pngNever Give UPGrings, Briиzão
Never Give UPlogo std.pngNever Give UPGrings, Briиzão
16253Factory Assault Teamlogo std.pngFactory Assault TeamLevy膣, pvS
Factory Assault Teamlogo std.pngFactory Assault TeamLevy膣, pvS
16353Top 1 World Cup, bagio
Top 1 World Cup, bagio
16453Bengala, Lucas
Bengala, Lucas
16553Zod, Piratе
Zod, Piratе
16653Logo std.pngzTwluckzin, goobo
16752Logo std.pngPLDSFoox, Não Foca rs
Logo std.pngPLDSFoox, Não Foca rs
16852SUBMONSTRO, scheidt
16952Anonymous, CONTRAMAO
Anonymous, CONTRAMAO
17052Factory Assault Teamlogo std.pngFactory Assault Teamdk trash res, lepz
Factory Assault Teamlogo std.pngFactory Assault Teamdk trash res, lepz
17152Logo std.pngHYMSFeña23, Pherxo
Logo std.pngHYMSFeña23, Pherxo
17252zheiNN1, Z4KR4L
zheiNN1, Z4KR4L
17352raphoyz, onepumpman
raphoyz, onepumpman
17452Rickzss, machine
Rickzss, machine
17552Nico, ShapphireIce
Nico, ShapphireIce
17652H4wkBoy, Stormenzinho
H4wkBoy, Stormenzinho
17752Molish, Scarpaar
Molish, Scarpaar
17852pão de queijo, preto
pão de queijo, preto
17952gtN, Sereno
gtN, Sereno
18052Samaras, Ezloow
Samaras, Ezloow
18152Chipeя, ManttiuS
Chipeя, ManttiuS
18251bagu, Neguin
bagu, Neguin
18351Cristalino, Aguzzs16
Cristalino, Aguzzs16
18451UnSuaL, Ålån År7
UnSuaL, Ålån År7
18551WirtzA, JuanMa
WirtzA, JuanMa
18651faquits, noiszia
faquits, noiszia
18751Logo std.pngRDWB3TA1, GodoyFlexBro
Logo std.pngRDWB3TA1, GodoyFlexBro
18851Guh, LuxeR
Guh, LuxeR
18951WClicklogo std.pngWClickMatousky, Onesuch
WClicklogo std.pngWClickMatousky, Onesuch
19051Sulfu, Ram4Akd
Sulfu, Ram4Akd
19151TheManu34, iBriiaN
TheManu34, iBriiaN
19251Maaaask, SkillƧ
Maaaask, SkillƧ
19351TanGADO, é Rodz q Se Fala
TanGADO, é Rodz q Se Fala
19451DarkSidelogo std.pngDarkSideSebhitaxZ, astry
DarkSidelogo std.pngDarkSideSebhitaxZ, astry
19551ИewwWdlç, Hakuralicious
ИewwWdlç, Hakuralicious
19651tv ro1zzy, Yuri Sa
tv ro1zzy, Yuri Sa
19751Nøvϊs, EZezinN
Nøvϊs, EZezinN
19851BENJILAS, Ŀodri
19951Scanour, nar0n
Scanour, nar0n
20051Rodri, seth1
Rodri, seth1
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