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Background Information
Country of BirthFrance France
Power Rankings
TeamSupremacylogo std.pngSupremacy
Team History
Jan 2019 - "Present"
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Supremacylogo std.pngSupremacy

"Keziix" is a player for Supremacy.



Player Settings

Player Settings - Last Updated: ([ Source])
DPI Sens X Sens Y ADS Sens Scoped Sens
Resolution Aspect Ratio 3D Resolution Inventory Building Edit
Wall Floor Stairs Roof Trap

Tournament Results

Keziix Tournament Results
DateTypePlPR PtsPlatformEventTeamRoster
2020-03-26Solo0020002900PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngPlatform Cash Cup Solo - PC: Chapter 2 Season 2 (Shadow) Week 2 - EuropeTBDlogo std.pngKeziix
2020-03-23Duo01200012PCWL invitational.pngWar Legend: Edition des Purées de Pommes de TerreTBDlogo std.pngKeziix, Yagsou
2020-03-19Solo01700017525PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngPlatform Cash Cup Solo - PC: Chapter 2 Season 2 (Ghost) Week 1 - EuropeSolarylogo std.pngSolaryKeziix
2020-03-19Duo0030003PCWL invitational.pngWar Legend: Edition des Pâtes et du PQTBDlogo std.pngYagsou, Keziix
2020-03-15Duo05000050600PCFNCS C2S2 small.pngFNCS Chapter 2 Season 2 Warmup - EuropeTBDlogo std.pngKeziix, Yagsou
2020-03-12Duo01000010PCWL invitational.pngSolary x War LegendTBDlogo std.pngKeziix, Yagsou
2020-03-11Duo0080008PCWL invitational.pngWar Legend: Edition du Pain de CampagneTBDlogo std.pngKeziix, Yagsou
2020-03-10Duo0090009PCWL invitational.pngWar Legend: Edition du Fromage qui PueTBDlogo std.pngKeziix, Yagsou
2020-03-09Duo0050005PCWL invitational.pngWar Legend: Invitational - #23TBDlogo std.pngKeziix, Yagsou
2020-03-04Duo0010001PCWL invitational.pngWar Legend: Edition de la Soupe aux ChouxTBDlogo std.pngBadSniper, Keziix
2020-03-03Duo01100011PCWL invitational.pngWar Legend: Edition de la Soupe à l'OignonTBDlogo std.pngPodaSai, Keziix
2020-03-02Duo04700047PCWL invitational.pngWar Legend: Invitational - #20TBDlogo std.pngKeziix, 4zr
2020-02-18Duo03600036PCWL invitational.pngWar Legend: Edition Jambon BeurreTBDlogo std.pngKeziix, 4zr
2020-02-11Solo09100091PCWL invitational.pngWar Legend: Edition du TerroirSupremacylogo std.pngSyKeziix
2020-02-04Solo04300043PCWL invitational.pngWar Legend: Baguette EditionSupremacylogo std.pngSyKeziix
2020-01-27Duo04100041PCWL invitational.pngWar Legend: Invitational - #11TBDlogo std.pngnayte, Keziix
2020-01-16Solo0090009700PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngContender Solo Cash Cup: Chapter 2 Season 1 - Week 9: EuropeSupremacylogo std.pngSyKeziix
2019-12-22Duo020000201100PCWinter Royalelogo small.pngWinter Royale NA-East 2019: Day 3TBDlogo std.pngkeziix, kendall
2019-12-21Duo167000167600PCWinter Royalelogo small.pngWinter Royale Europe 2019: Day 2TBDlogo std.pngkeziix, naekoz
2019-12-20Duo020000201100PCWinter Royalelogo small.pngWinter Royale Europe 2019: Day 1TBDlogo std.pngkeziix, naekoz
2019-12-19Solo00300031150PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngContender Solo Cash Cup: Chapter 2 Season 1 - Week 8: EuropeTBDlogo std.pngkeziix
2019-12-170040004PCUnknown Infobox Image - Tournament.pngDOIGCUP #2 - FINALTBDlogo std.pngAzeonai, JORDZZZ, GRA1E, Keziix
2019-12-11Solo00300031150PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngPlatform Solo Cash Cup - PC: Chapter 2 Season 1 - Week 7: EuropeTBDlogo std.pngkeziix
2019-11-28Solo06500065500PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngContender Solo Cash Cup: Chapter 2 Season 1 - Week 5: EuropeTBDlogo std.pngkeziix
2019-11-21Solo02800028550PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngContender Solo Cash Cup: Chapter 2 Season 1 - Week 4: EuropeTBDlogo std.pngkeziix
2019-11-17Squad (4)04300043800PCFNCS C2S1 small.pngFortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2: Season 1 Week 3: Semi-Finals - EuropeTBDlogo std.pngkezii, ŋia, MLKKK, Azeonai
2019-11-15Squad (4)04600046PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngFriday Nite Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 1 - Week 3: EuropeTBDlogo std.pngkezii.x, nia, MLKKK., Azeonai
2019-10-0102000020PCUnknown Infobox Image - Tournament.pngDOIGCUP #1 - FINALTBDlogo std.pngNaïl, Hattim, Keziix
2019-09-18Squad (3)0070007BDS CUP small.pngBDS CupTBDlogo std.pngleo the crack, keziix, HattimZ
2019-09-08Squad (3)09100091600PCFNCSlogo small.pngFortnite Champion Series: Season X - Week 4: EuropeTBDlogo std.pngToxic (EU Player), Keziix, HattimZ
2019-09-06Squad (3)08600086500PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngChampion's Trios Cash Cup: Week 3 - EuropeTBDlogo std.pngWanLaast, Keziix, HattimZ
2019-07-14Squad (3)138000138600PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngTrio Cash Cup 1 - EuropeTBDlogo std.pngNail, Keziix, HattimZ
2019-05-12Solo033000331300PCFN World Cuplogo small.pngWC 2019 EU Qualifiers - Week 5TBDlogo std.pngKobra





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