Luxe Cup - Europe

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Luxe Cup - Europe
Epic Games.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerEpic Games
Prize Pool$40,000
Number of Teams1,500
Fortnite Tracker
Location & Dates
Event TypeOnline
Start Date2019-03-30
End Date2019-03-31



  • Semi-Finals: March 30th, 2019
    • 3 hour limit & 10 match limit
    • Scoring based on placement and eliminations
    • Top 1,500 duos will advance to Finals.
  • Finals: March 31st, 2019
    • 3 hour limit & 10 match limit
    • Scoring based on placement and eliminations
    • Points scored during Semifinals are not transferred to Finals.

Points Breakdown

Points are awarded based on placement and eliminations as follows:

Point Distribution
Scoring Points
Victory Royale 3
Reach Top 3 2
Reach Top 7 2
Reach Top 12 3
Elimination 1

Prize Pool

  • $40,000 USD are spread among the teams in the Finals as seen below:
PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsTeamPlayers
PlacementIcon1.png 115%87Mongraal, Mitr0
Team Secret.EUlogo std.pngTeam Secret EUOsmo, Milan
Mongraal, Mitr0
PlacementIcon2.png 215%87Team Secret.EUlogo std.pngTeam Secret EUOsmo, Milan
Team Secret.EUlogo std.pngTeam Secret EUOsmo, Milan
PlacementIcon3.png 39%83fwexY, letw1k3
fwexY, letw1k3
47%82Jinzen, OliverGC
Jinzen, OliverGC
57%82Kylix, Ares
Kylix, Ares
65%79NRG Esports.EUlogo std.pngNRG Esports EUbenjyfishy, MrSavage
NRG Esports.EUlogo std.pngNRG Esports EUbenjyfishy, MrSavage
75%76Eleven Gaminglogo std.pngE11 GamingTschinken, Stompy
Eleven Gaminglogo std.pngE11 GamingTschinken, Stompy
85%76Team MCESlogo std.pngTeam MCESAndilex, Orkh
Team MCESlogo std.pngTeam MCESAndilex, Orkh
93%75Bloodx, Tuckz
Bloodx, Tuckz
103%73Solarylogo std.pngSolaryAirwaks, Nikof
Solarylogo std.pngSolaryAirwaks, Nikof
112%73VP Gaminglogo std.pngVP GamingVass, Aura
VP Gaminglogo std.pngVP GamingVass, Aura
122%70Showness, DiamonnD
Showness, DiamonnD
132%70Solarylogo std.pngSolaryHunter, Kinstaar
Solarylogo std.pngSolaryHunter, Kinstaar
142%69Downs2k, Hellfire
Downs2k, Hellfire
152%68BlackMICE Esportslogo std.pngBlackMICE EsportsBacked, 4zr
BlackMICE Esportslogo std.pngBlackMICE EsportsBacked, 4zr
162%68crue, chapix
crue, chapix
172%67Devil, LeTsHe
Devil, LeTsHe
182%67Team Quesologo std.pngTeam QuesoPrisi0n3r0, Potato
Team Quesologo std.pngTeam QuesoPrisi0n3r0, Potato
192%66xPlasHx, Tedi
xPlasHx, Tedi
202%65Dkokholm, gamingkuno
Dkokholm, gamingkuno
212%64Alliancelogo std.pngAllianceRizaaR, Tommo
Alliancelogo std.pngAllianceRizaaR, Tommo
222%64SC Braga Esportslogo std.pngSC BragaEdr4K1ll, DanGoms
SC Braga Esportslogo std.pngSC BragaEdr4K1ll, DanGoms
231%64PENTA Sportslogo std.pngPENTA SportsLegxndz, Hugo
PENTA Sportslogo std.pngPENTA SportsLegxndz, Hugo
241%62Maso, Grumpy
Maso, Grumpy
251%62Bouth, Nyydo
Bouth, Nyydo
261%62Team Singularitylogo std.pngSingularityBast, Th0masHD
Team Singularitylogo std.pngSingularityBast, Th0masHD
271%61RazZzero0o, GreenS0ck
RazZzero0o, GreenS0ck
281%61SvendPro, ndyguden
SvendPro, ndyguden
291%61Toose, Azze
Toose, Azze
301%61KarmaaNE, Mert
KarmaaNE, Mert
310%61Alek, SpeezyX9
Alek, SpeezyX9
320%61Dynamindlogo std.pngDynamindWilq0o, Monki
Dynamindlogo std.pngDynamindWilq0o, Monki
330%61itemm, derox
itemm, derox
340%61Montpellier Gaming Academylogo std.pngMontpellierGAMAGL, Yoda
Montpellier Gaming Academylogo std.pngMontpellierGAMAGL, Yoda
350%61KeolyS, Hawkers
KeolyS, Hawkers
360%60Natus Vincerelogo std.pngNatus VincereAlphaAmons, Bowman
Natus Vincerelogo std.pngNatus VincereAlphaAmons, Bowman
370%60DualMedia Esportslogo std.pngDualMedia EsportsBlastR, Alpha
DualMedia Esportslogo std.pngDualMedia EsportsBlastR, Alpha
380%59RedRush, znappy
RedRush, znappy
390%59snap, zen
snap, zen
400%59Team Singularitylogo std.pngSingularityRasmusnie, DucHH
Team Singularitylogo std.pngSingularityRasmusnie, DucHH
410%58Paffpi, Powder
Paffpi, Powder
420%58Recon eSportlogo std.pngRecon eSportTinoks, NeyFaz
Recon eSportlogo std.pngRecon eSportTinoks, NeyFaz
430%58MYinsanitylogo std.pngmYinsanityMrCandy, Nøah
MYinsanitylogo std.pngmYinsanityMrCandy, Nøah
440%58Cazorla, jaspaay
Cazorla, jaspaay
450%58richart, mocarzz
richart, mocarzz
460%58flankos, Henkka
flankos, Henkka
470%58McDaBeast, Dealersz
McDaBeast, Dealersz
480%57Dynamindlogo std.pngDynamind Academysnoozlooz, Crusti
Dynamindlogo std.pngDynamind Academysnoozlooz, Crusti
490%57Taqu, Pong
Taqu, Pong
500%57Forward Gaminglogo std.pngForward Gamingtendons, Nolan
Forward Gaminglogo std.pngForward Gamingtendons, Nolan
510%57Andeeza, BenQuake
Andeeza, BenQuake
520%57BadSniper, KazunaSan
BadSniper, KazunaSan
530%57Luuu, coffeh
Luuu, coffeh
540%57mvgnus, nebby
mvgnus, nebby
550%56Sten, Fickzi
Sten, Fickzi
560%55Kris, verox
Kris, verox
570%55Fayzzz, Hibuzen
Fayzzz, Hibuzen
580%55PhineasCSC, ApoKxwaii
PhineasCSC, ApoKxwaii
590%55Dungenlord2, Haezzie
Dungenlord2, Haezzie
600%55JuraS, Mashuz
JuraS, Mashuz
610%55retrohs, Kiujy Y
retrohs, Kiujy Y
620%55Domilz, Sanderup
Domilz, Sanderup
630%55marteen, HypeXQ
marteen, HypeXQ
640%55duzeboy, Tohaj
duzeboy, Tohaj
650%55Juzry, Jzсk
Juzry, Jzсk
660%54rentro, kCin
rentro, kCin
670%54Ice, Scolly
Ice, Scolly
680%54nyhrox, aqua
nyhrox, aqua
690%54Litr0, jdC
Litr0, jdC
700%54advise, Precious
advise, Precious
710%54Eleven Gaminglogo std.pngE11 GamingCrippa, Boyer
Eleven Gaminglogo std.pngE11 GamingCrippa, Boyer
720%54Moscow Five Academylogo std.pngMoscow Five AcademyWulfee, MagVen0m
Moscow Five Academylogo std.pngMoscow Five AcademyWulfee, MagVen0m
730%54Vodafone Giantslogo std.pngVodafone GiantsKhisanth, Markel
Vodafone Giantslogo std.pngVodafone GiantsKhisanth, Markel
740%54Logo std.pngRaised By KingsJDW, Ronin
Logo std.pngRaised By KingsJDW, Ronin
750%53belvid, Yinsoo
belvid, Yinsoo
760%53Nesmon, viinnk
Nesmon, viinnk
770%53aphex, Stanic
aphex, Stanic
780%53Trix, DRG
Trix, DRG
790%53ZuS, Ciceey
ZuS, Ciceey
800%52Logo std.pngfolksna1t, stormyrite
Logo std.pngfolksna1t, stormyrite
810%52Logo std.pngLegendMystic, Maxxx
Logo std.pngLegendMystic, Maxxx
820%52nightsck, adrianplayin
nightsck, adrianplayin
830%52Madsgas, EnvΥ
Madsgas, ΈnvΥ
840%52Cyber Gaminglogo std.pngCyber GamingD4ve, Mpshazard
Cyber Gaminglogo std.pngCyber GamingD4ve, Mpshazard
850%52Team-LDLClogo std.pngTeam-LDLCSpk, Nayte
Team-LDLClogo std.pngTeam-LDLCSpk, Nayte
860%52Bastille Legacylogo std.pngBastille LegacyOrange, Xoxo
Bastille Legacylogo std.pngBastille LegacyOrange, Xoxo
870%52jpmn, Intel
jpmn, Intel
880%52LootBoy Esportslogo std.pngLootBoy EsportsMexe, Skram
LootBoy Esportslogo std.pngLootBoy EsportsMexe, Skram
890%52Robnic, Aquexo
Robnic, Aquexo
900%51avtheo, spyzerr
avtheo, spyzerr
910%51kamxon, laidback
kamxon, laidback
920%51Psy3e8, Vannex
Psy3e8, Vannex
930%51Team Vitalitylogo std.pngTeam VitalityMaxalibur, Robi
Team Vitalitylogo std.pngTeam VitalityMaxalibur, Robi
940%51Wolfiez, Rojo
Wolfiez, Rojo
950%51almaa, ManuM
almaa, ManuM
960%51S2V Esportslogo std.pngS2V Esportsbroken, DiegoGB
S2V Esportslogo std.pngS2V Esportsbroken, DiegoGB
970%51CrushR, ZZEUS
980%50Løyds, Pyke
Løyds, Pyke
990%50justillegal, Balaskoni
justillegal, Balaskoni
1000%50Snayzy, Sevra
Snayzy, Sevra
1010%50JustHoppit, Svennoss
JustHoppit, Svennoss
1020%50NJR, NM7
1030%50nashy, Lowzy
nashy, Lowzy
1040%50Logo std.pngHECLlobeti4, SilenzZ
Logo std.pngHECLlobeti4, SilenzZ
1050%50NyX, Swayzen
NyX, Swayzen
1060%50DragonCube, Pizza4k
DragonCube, Pizza4k
1070%50Spime, RiskitSA
Spime, RiskitSA
1080%50a1ms0nz, Fledermoys
a1ms0nz, Fledermoys
1090%49Deside16, Balazio
Deside16, Balazio
1100%49humanilliance, Takeoffs
humanilliance, Takeoffs
1110%49Tchub, Tickeling
Tchub, Tickeling
1120%49HOXRAY, Razorr
HOXRAY, Razorr
1130%49Logo std.pngmDkiNNGGftw, Sake
Logo std.pngmDkiNNGGftw, Sake
1140%49N47logo std.pngN47Jordberry, Socka
N47logo std.pngN47Jordberry, Socka
1150%49Xisma, LOLiTOFDEZ
1160%49Heatzy, Bacca
Heatzy, Bacca
1170%49Huubertz, Preem
Huubertz, Preem
1180%49Trippern, Polterr
Trippern, Polterr
1190%49Eragonist, Wickesy
Eragonist, Wickesy
1200%49PERIKLE, TruleX
1210%49Team Divinelogo std.pngTeam DivineArmageddon, Prizz
Team Divinelogo std.pngTeam DivineArmageddon, Prizz
1220%48Nexus Gaminglogo std.pngNexus GamingDeXteR, pAkeru
Nexus Gaminglogo std.pngNexus GamingDeXteR, pAkeru
1230%48Horeki, Kouto
Horeki, Kouto
1240%48Wild Gaminglogo std.pngWild GamingSyba, Alk
Wild Gaminglogo std.pngWild GamingSyba, Alk
1250%48Guyz, Shayeken
Guyz, Shayeken
1260%48Logo std.pngVnSbe LiKeWaTeR, Tuna
Logo std.pngVnSbe LiKeWaTeR, Tuna
1270%48L e n n n n, WilliBig
L e n n n n, WilliBig
1280%48Virtus.prologo std.pngVirtus.pro7ssk7, Jamside
Virtus.prologo std.pngVirtus.pro7ssk7, Jamside
1290%48Arsen2k, Krazzers
Arsen2k, Krazzers
1300%48Sops, 2001
Sops, 2001
1310%48Cofou64, LokyB
Cofou64, LokyB
1320%48STR Teamlogo std.pngSTR TeamAndre, Dony
STR Teamlogo std.pngSTR TeamAndre, Dony
1330%48Purge, Pamdy
Purge, Pamdy
1340%47hdn, aw4yz
hdn, aw4yz
1350%47Jarvis, Tfia
Jarvis, Tfia
1360%47Stormz, Lamacrew
Stormz, Lamacrew
1370%47EverView eSportslogo std.pngEverViewNewyk, Lowell
EverView eSportslogo std.pngEverViewNewyk, Lowell
1380%47Sir, xms51
Sir, xms51
1390%47Sebik, Riltai
Sebik, Riltai
1400%47Serenexo, AleWar
Serenexo, AleWar
1410%47Finnex, Astro
Finnex, Astro
1420%47Fact Revolutionlogo std.pngFact RevolutionGh0sT, lolb0om
Fact Revolutionlogo std.pngFact RevolutionGh0sT, lolb0om
1430%47Sleveris, Linecut
Sleveris, Linecut
1440%47Hoopek, Shikuni
Hoopek, Shikuni
1450%47Jackynfest, Pouw
Jackynfest, Pouw
1460%47Logo std.pngDawnsRaiiZn, NAYY
Logo std.pngDawnsRaiiZn, NAYY
1470%47Tim, Bhenji
Tim, Bhenji
1480%47Mavjoe, Swaggi
1490%47WIPlogo std.pngWIPKowrail, Zekas
1500%47Withor12, n1c0
1510%46fmaу, KongTV
1520%46DontBeFurious, Floriixn
1530%46Nate, Sleep
1540%46Exaltylogo std.pngExaltyPickiss, sopenn
1550%46MaxxaM, TheVs
1560%46NokSs, Hayko
1570%46Gambit Esportslogo std.pngGambit EsportsAstroSMZ, Pate1k
1580%46BIGlogo std.pngBIGDomiNate, Jappe
1590%46iCMx, crio
1600%46Daav, MikeeyS
1610%46Luffsen, Unov
1620%46Vigo, qvbaS
1630%46Chuckno, Clement t
1640%45jetpacks, Palmatoro
1650%45Amorphiclogo std.pngAmorphicShani, Vision
1660%45Evilaw, Soulflys
1670%45Vato, Mirage
1680%45Moqii, Mawii
1690%45Riki, Fredy
1700%45Funlnxd, Edison
1710%45Whai, Rasmusenn
1720%45Dyrvig, svaki
1730%45Myztro Gaminglogo std.pngMyztro GamingSeverin, Tj
1740%45Flex, YagSiS
1750%45hateg0d, eric2K2
1760%45Foxyy, Decyptos
1770%45Stena, drobban
1780%45Friizzy, Guesty
1790%45Got2Game Esportlogo std.pngGot2Game EsportMayleeTeul, Blayke
1800%44Cocoa, Jagern1
1810%44ksilight, tein
1820%44x41M, It is Wil
1830%44Wubnm, Cryptical
1840%44Seglem, Sorfosmo
1850%44Softpower, Flapjack
1860%44Jenner, RQuinny
1870%44RHО, Lukeyy
1880%44Gafow, Quadra
1890%44mΤs, vilhain
1900%44Lewgee, SPKB
1910%44Rebez, SvettGamer
1920%44Zapry, Rloa
1930%44Outsiderslogo std.pngOutsidersRise, xjiuO
1940%44Dynamindlogo std.pngDynamind AcademyRakso, Artor
1950%44elgabi, Hell0dude
1960%44wDean, Heart
1970%43Hunters Esportslogo std.pngHunters EsportsRudy, zRayZ
1980%43sant3301, Strikie
1990%43Alphan, yourteamisbad
2000%43Scuba, Noooun




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