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  • Europe
  • DreamHack Tours 2018
  • Gamers Assembly
May 19th-21st, 2018

1. Solarylogo std.png Solary 850
2. Team Requiemlogo std.png Team Requiem 690
3. ArmaTeamlogo std.png ArmaTeam 640
4. Oserv Esportlogo std.png Oserv Esport 620
5. Milleniumlogo std.png Millenium Salty 590
6. KLIM eSportslogo std.png KLIM eSports 560
7. Milleniumlogo std.png Millenium Row 490
8. Gentside Esports Clublogo std.png Gentside 480
9. Logo std.png Crystal Gaming 320
10. Lunarylogo std.png Lunary 260
11. Seven Project Esportlogo std.png Seven Project Esport 250
12. Vendetta eSportslogo std.png Vendetta eSports 180

Latest News
May 20th
News Label - Europe.png
DHlogo small.png
Gold.png Solarylogo std.png Solary Silver.png Team Requiemlogo std.png Team Requiem in the DreamHack Tours 2018.
May 14th
News Label - Europe.png Milleniumlogo std.png M Row Hellx joins.
May 13th
News Label - North America.png Impact Gaminglogo std.png Impact Cowboy, Laffy, Cloud, and Saf join.
News Label - Europe.png Oserv Esportlogo std.png Oserv P Maylie, Pomy, Malchik, and Stecto join.
May 11th
News Label - Europe.png Milleniumlogo std.png M Row Neiru leaves.
May 5th
News Label - North America.png Cloud9logo std.png C9 Hysteria joins.
May 4th
News Label - Europe.png GAMEWAVE Esport Clublogo std.png GWC Hoshie, Hurned, Maccz, and Noragami join. Paradise joins as manager.
May 2nd
News Label - North America.png Team Envylogo std.png Envy KingRichard joins.
May 1st
News Label - Europe.png Supremacylogo std.png Sy Vato and Blax join. Karazz leaves.
April 30th
News Label - North America.png FaZe Clanlogo std.png FaZe Tfue joins.
April 29th
News Label - Europe.png Epsilon eSportslogo std.png Epsi Kling, Gandulf, Paffpi, and Zyppan join.

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E3logo small.png  
Jun 12 - Jun 14
  E3 Party Royale Celebrity Pro-Am
ESLlogo small.png  
Jun 02 - Jun 03
  ESL Montpellier 2018
HFLANlogo small.png  
May 26 - May 27
  HFLAN 16
DHlogo small.png  
May 19 - May 21
  DreamHack Tours 2018
GAlogo small.png  
Mar 31 - Apr 02
  Gamers Assembly 2018
Lyonlogo small.png  
Feb 17 - Feb 18
  Lyon e-Sport 2018

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