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Background Information
NameAleksander Karolczyk
Country of BirthPoland Poland
Power Rankings
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Team History
Jun 2018 - Aug 2018
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Invizy Esportlogo std.pngInvizy Esport

Aleksander "mocarzz" Karolczyk was previously a player for Invizy Esport.



Player Settings

Player Settings - Last Updated: ([ Source])
DPI Sens X Sens Y ADS Sens Scoped Sens
400 17 17
Resolution Aspect Ratio 3D Resolution Inventory Building Edit
Wall Floor Stairs Roof Trap

Tournament Results

This table shows only results that give Power Rankings points. For complete results, click here.

Mocarzz Tournament Results
DateTypePlPR PtsPlatformEventTeamRoster
2019-11-18Solo01300013800PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngContender Solo Cash Cup: Chapter 2 Season 1 - Week 3: EuropeTBDlogo std.pngMOCARZZ
2019-11-10Squad (4)03700037800PCFNCS C2S1 small.pngFortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2: Season 1 Week 2: Semi-Finals - EuropeTBDlogo std.pngJarkoS, RICHART, MOCARZZ, zeek
2019-10-27Squad (4)03400034400PCFNCS C2S1 small.pngFortnite Champion Series Warmup: Semi-Finals - EuropeTBDlogo std.pngJarkoS, Richart, MOCARZZ, ZEEK
2019-09-15Squad (3)08400084600PCFNCSlogo small.pngFortnite Champion Series: Season X - Week 5: EuropeTBDlogo std.pngJarkoS, Richart, MOCARZZ
2019-09-13Squad (3)03600036700PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngChampion's Trios Cash Cup: Week 4 - EuropeTBDlogo std.pngJarkoS, Richart, MOCARZZ
2019-09-06Squad (3)121000121400PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngChampion's Trios Cash Cup: Week 3 - EuropeTBDlogo std.pngJarkoS, richart, MOCARZZ
2019-08-30Squad (3)142000142400PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngChampion's Trios Cash Cup: Week 2 - EuropeTBDlogo std.pngJarkoS, richart, MOCARZZ
2019-08-23Squad (3)145000145400PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngChampion's Trios Cash Cup: Week 1 - EuropeTBDlogo std.pngJarkoS, richart, MOCARZZ
2019-07-14Squad (3)032000321000PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngTrio Cash Cup 1 - EuropeTBDlogo std.pngJarkoS, mocarzz, Zeek
2019-06-02Duo069000691100PCFN World Cuplogo small.pngWC 2019 EU Qualifiers - Week 8TBDlogo std.pngrichart, mocarzz
2019-05-19Duo064000641100PCFN World Cuplogo small.pngWC 2019 EU Qualifiers - Week 6TBDlogo std.pngrichart, mocarzz
2019-05-05Duo047000471300PCFN World Cuplogo small.pngWC 2019 EU Qualifiers - Week 4TBDlogo std.pngrichart, mocarzz
2019-04-07Duo046000461000PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngWorld Cup Warmup - EuropeTBDlogo std.pngrichart, mocarzz
2019-03-31Duo045000451000PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngLuxe Cup - EuropeTBDlogo std.pngrichart, mocarzz
2019-03-17Duo188000188500PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngScallywag Cup - EuropeTBDlogo std.pngrichart, mocarzz
2019-03-10Solo128000128600PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngGauntlet - EuropeTBDlogo std.pngmocarzz
2019-03-04Duo130000130600PCShare The Lovelogo small.pngShare The Love - EuropeTBDlogo std.pngrichart, Mocarzz
2018-10-26Duo0080008800PCStarLadderlogo small.pngStarLadder Eastern ClashLogo std.pngRIPZMocarzz, Mrowka
2018-09-16Squad (4)04300043100PCPOGlogo small.pngPOG Squad Tournament 2018-09-16Logo std.pngRIPZMrowka, Mocarzz, Makalele, Macius zrob siup
2018-09-15Squad (4)0820008220PCBP Open Squadslogo small.pngBP Open Squads September 2018Logo std.pngFORTMrowka, Mocarzz, Toxic, Makalele
2018-08-16Duo01900019250PCFortnite Fun League Polskalogo small.pngFortnite Fun League PolskaInvizy Esportlogo std.pngInvizymocarzz, mrowka





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