Moscow Five Academy/Tournament Results

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Moscow Five Academy Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
2020-02-03Solo05700057WL invitational.png War Legend: Invitational - Featuring Atlantis Legends Tier XWulfee
2019-04-14Solo101000101$300$ 300€ 267FN World Cuplogo small.png WC 2019 EU Qualifiers - Week 1Crowlley
2019-03-31Duo07200072Epic Gameslogo small.png Luxe Cup - EuropeWulfee, MagVen0m
2019-03-10Solo109000109Epic Gameslogo small.png Gauntlet - EuropeMagVen0m
2019-03-04Duo07600076Share The Lovelogo small.png Share The Love - EuropeWulfee, Letw1k3
2019-03-04Solo03900039Share The Lovelogo small.png Share The Love - EuropeLetw1k3
2019-03-04Solo117000117Share The Lovelogo small.png Share The Love - EuropeWulfee
2019-02-21Duo0030003₽12,000$ 180€ 156FSLlogo small.png FSL Duo Tournament 2019-02-21Letw1k3, Wulfee
2019-02-21Duo01200012₽1,000$ 15€ 13FSLlogo small.png FSL Duo Tournament 2019-02-21KongTV, MagVen0m
2019-01-27Duo0040004FSLlogo small.png FSL Duo Tournament 2019-01-27Letw1k3, Wulfee
2019-01-27Duo0060006FSLlogo small.png FSL Duo Tournament 2019-01-27KongTV, MagVen0m
2019-01-20Duo0050005FSLlogo small.png FSL Duo Tournament 2019-01-20MagVen0m, KongTV
2019-01-20Duo01800018FSLlogo small.png FSL Duo Tournament 2019-01-20Letw1k3, Wulfee
2019-01-20Duo03700037FSLlogo small.png FSL Duo Tournament 2019-01-20Pupis, furyyyyy7
2019-01-13Duo0050005FSLlogo small.png FSL Duo Tournament 2019-01-13Letw1k3, KongTV
Total Prize:USD 300 • RUB 13,000