Occitanie eSport Montpellier 2019

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Occitanie eSport Montpellier 2019
Tournament Information
OrganizerWar Legend
Prize Pool5000€
Number of Teams144
Location & Dates
CountryFrance France
Start Date2019-06-22
End Date2019-06-23
WinnerTeam MCESlogo std.pngTeam MCES
SecondTeam Vitalitylogo std.pngTeam Vitality

Prize Pool

€ 5,000 Euros are spread among the teams as seen below:

PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsPR PtsQualificationTeamPlayers
PlacementIcon1.png 1€2,000$2,20040%773Team MCESlogo std.pngTeam MCESAndilex, Orkh
PlacementIcon2.png 2€1,000$1,10020%730Team Vitalitylogo std.pngTeam VitalityKeolys, Hawkers
PlacementIcon3.png 3€700$77014%728Solarylogo std.pngSolaryAirwaks, Nikof
4€500$55010%672Team BDSlogo std.pngTeam BDSSpolieur, Blacky
5€300$3306%662LeStream Esportlogo std.pngLeStream EsportNayte, Blax
6€300$3306%651TrainHard eSportslogo std.pngTrainHard eSportAlpha, BlastR
7€100$1102%631Cooler Esportlogo std.pngCooler EsportNyhrox, Aqua
8€100$1102%612NewGamblerslogo std.pngNewGamblersKyzen, Stig
9554Free Agentlogo std.pngFree AgentEijiro, NeiZz
10553TrainHard eSportslogo std.pngTrainHard eSportSayreez, French
11519Team Vitalitylogo std.pngTeam VitalityBadSniper, Oslo
12483LeStream Esportlogo std.pngLeStream EsportSkite, Vato
13471Team MCESlogo std.pngTeam MCESSqualzK, Marcote
14438BlackMICE Esportslogo std.pngBlackMICE EsportsSunddely, Backed
15436GamersOriginlogo std.pngGamersOriginM11Z, Deadra
16429Logo std.pngGraMs & LeyowGraMs, Leyow
17422LeStream Esportlogo std.pngLeStream EsportTheVic, Madzen
18393Team MCESlogo std.pngTeam MCES
19386Logo std.pngLoLo & MygoutéLoLo, Mygouté
20383GamersOriginlogo std.pngGamersOrigin
21375Slide Esportlogo std.pngSlide Esport
22350Cooler Esportlogo std.pngCooler Esport
23346Logo std.pngRazor x NaturelRazor, Naturel
24330Logo std.pngAxI
25298Oserv Esportlogo std.pngOserv EsportFall0w, Météore
26266Make Your Destinylogo std.pngMake Your Destiny
27250Logo std.pngSweathz
28243Pandaria Esportlogo std.pngPandaria Esport
29206Logo std.pngHuB
30184Vxs eSportslogo std.pngVxs eSports
31162Logo std.pngC0MEB4CK
32128Oziris Esportlogo std.pngOziris Esport
33104Enoxialogo std.pngEnoxia
3498Logo std.pngWakandaa
3589Logo std.pngSyrnum
3683Logo std.pngG-SquadJikhaze, Tr1xx
3757Logo std.pngQADR
3855Logo std.pngBOY Esport
3952Team Oslowlogo std.pngTeam Oslow
4052Vxs eSportslogo std.pngVxs eSports
4148Pandaria Esportlogo std.pngPandaria Esport
428Team MCESlogo std.pngTeam MCES
431009Logo std.pngNGDJunK, Asmatyk
44685Logo std.pngT-Rush
45633Vxs eSportslogo std.pngVxs eSportsTizbaa
46599Team MCESlogo std.pngTeam MCES
47591Nora-Rengo Esportslogo std.pngNora-Rengo Esports
48555Logo std.png12GP
49540Logo std.pngOlympe Cerberus
50523Logo std.pngWinnr.gg
51515Logo std.pngShining & DrakhaShining, Drakha
52496Enoxialogo std.pngEnoxia
53485Logo std.pngFA CR3W
54484Logo std.pngHNV
55480Logo std.pngT-Rush
56461Logo std.pngmerguez en y
57451Logo std.pngK and GGouria, Kuhaku
58386Logo std.pngB2K
59386Logo std.pngFA STREET
60354Logo std.pngSynergie
61352Logo std.pngLes Violoncelles
62342Warthox esportlogo std.pngWarthox esport
63313Logo std.pngP4L
64309Logo std.pngRAK_Team
65304Logo std.pngOriginS
66295Logo std.pngOriginS
67286Logo std.pngFA btw.
69266Logo std.pngNewJunior
70262Vxs eSportslogo std.pngVxs eSports
71255MANElogo std.pngMANE
72202Logo std.pngAndemic
73188Logo std.png7ven esport
74187Rivage E-Sportlogo std.pngRivage E-Sport
75167Logo std.pngTeam eSphereMarvix, RazE
76158Logo std.pngRAK_Team
77156Logo std.pngWWT
78154MANElogo std.pngMANE
79108Logo std.pngAndemic
8086Team Oslowlogo std.pngTeam Oslow
8184Enoxialogo std.pngEnoxia
8282Logo std.pngSharpness Esport
8328Enoxialogo std.pngEnoxia
8414Logo std.pngHegemony Esport
8511Warthox esportlogo std.pngWarthox esport
868Logo std.pngWWT
871006Logo std.pngfcbloquer
88760Logo std.pngSeMi Esport
89611Rivage E-Sportlogo std.pngRivage E-Sport
90556Logo std.pngW4E
91551Logo std.pngFA STAR
92465Logo std.pngSpectra eSport
93462Team Oslowlogo std.pngTeam Oslow
94447Logo std.pngMandown
95442Logo std.pngHestia
96438Logo std.pngP4L
97434Logo std.pngTTV Gang
98397Logo std.pngInFuria
99370Logo std.pngZyoS
101326Logo std.pngEnix
102321Logo std.pngT-Rush
103312Logo std.pngRW
104303Logo std.pngCoexistence
105295Pandaria Esportlogo std.pngPandaria Esport
106287Logo std.pngSKYL
107282Logo std.pngB2K
108266Logo std.pngTimeOut
109251Logo std.pngLe Palier
110250Logo std.pngMagik
111245Logo std.pngSquerly
112236Logo std.pngHuB Esport
113230Logo std.pngMilleniom
114230Logo std.pngMTK GANG
115228Logo std.pngAwKenS
116203Logo std.pngWinnr
117198Meruem Esportlogo std.pngMeruem Esport
118190Logo std.pngSpectra
119162Logo std.pngNoDay
120158Logo std.pngAzog & SikozAzog, Sikoz
121157Unlimited Potentiallogo std.pngUnlimited Potential
122146Logo std.pngNTRL
123100Logo std.pngPiratair
12439Logo std.pngDrawNite
12534Logo std.pngOVNI
12636Logo std.pngSlaying
12734Logo std.pngNosy
12834Logo std.pngNTX
12931Logo std.pngYuzax
13030Logo std.pngLora4
13122Logo std.pngZiroal
13222Logo std.pngCiel
13319Logo std.pngLogiSquad
13418Logo std.pngbetterThanU
13517Logo std.png6té2MTP
13615Logo std.pngGrosLantah
13714Logo std.pngPyroEsport
13814Logo std.pngBularto
13911Logo std.pngF4T4L1TY
1409Logo std.png60FPS_Crew
1417Logo std.pngEZbtw
1424Logo std.pngCristalineCMonEau
1430Logo std.pngTirano
1440Logo std.pngTapoulozZ

Converted prizes calculated with values provided by http://www.xe.com on 2020-04-29, as follows:

  • € 1 Euro = $ 1.1 US Dollars

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