POG Squad Tournament 2018-09-16

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POG Squad Tournament #1
Tournament Information
OrganizerPremier Online Gaming
Number of Teams249
Location & Dates
CountryEurope Europe
Start Date2018-09-14
End Date2018-09-16
WinnerTeam Atlantislogo std.pngTeam Atlantis
SecondLogo std.pngTeam Secret



  • Open Qualifiers
    • Only the top 1 team will be eligible to submit their screenshots.
    • 15 points for a win
    • 1-4 kills: 2 points
    • 5-10 kills: 3 points
    • 11-14 kills: 4 points
    • 15+: 6 points per kill
    • Multiple wins will aplly "multipliers". Team best score will have a multiplier applied for each win they get. Each win will equate to a 0.3x bonus of their best score.
  • Finals - 23 teams (6 Games)

Points Breakdown

Points are awarded based on kills as follows:

Point Distribution
Kills Points
1 2
2 4
3 6
4 8
5 11
6 14
7 17
8 20
9 23
10 27
11 31
12 35
13 39
14 44
15 50
16 56
17 62
18 68
19 74
20 80
21 86
22 92
23 98
24 104
25 110
26 116
27 122
28 128
29 134
30 140

Prize Pool

PlacementIcon1.png 1Team Atlantislogo std.pngTeam Atlantis
PlacementIcon2.png 2Logo std.pngTeam Secret
PlacementIcon3.png 3Team Kinguinlogo std.pngKinguin Black
4Logo std.pngPurge Dragons
5Logo std.pngThunderboys
6Octagonlogo std.pngOctagon
7Logo std.pngTeam Squash
8Mousesportslogo std.pngMousesports
Show Additional Placements
9Logo std.pngHigh Rise
10Epsilon eSportslogo std.pngEpsilon eSports
11Fact Revolutionlogo std.pngFact Revolution
12Logo std.pngeternal
13Logo std.pngpacific
14Team Quesologo std.pngTeam Queso
15Logo std.pngTeam Occult
16Logo std.pngVulcan
17Alliancelogo std.pngAlliance
18Gambit Esportslogo std.pngGambit Esports
19Logo std.pngTeam FAITH
20Crazy Crew E-sportslogo std.pngCrazy Crew
21Logo std.pngTeam Trihard
22RKS Esportslogo std.pngRKS Esports
23On Fire Redlogo std.pngOn Fire Red
24Logo std.pngMemoatuga
25Logo std.pngOrcbite
26Propertylogo std.pngProperty
27Logo std.pngSkribbl
28North Sea Gaminglogo std.pngNorth Sea Gaming
29GA Esportslogo std.pngGA Esports
30Logo std.pngPalms
31Logo std.pngHead4Days
32Logo std.pngI don't care
33Cocodrilos Esportslogo std.pngCocodrilos Esports
34Jolt Esportslogo std.pngJolt Esports
35ASUS ROG Armylogo std.pngASUS ROG Army
36Pridelogo std.pngPride
37Invizy Esportlogo std.pngInvizy Academy
38Logo std.pngYoung Flæk
39Electronik Generation eSportslogo std.pngElectronik Generation
40Logo std.pngLFT
41Logo std.pngOnline Tournament
42Logo std.pngOrglessss
43Logo std.pngripzh
44Vodafone Giantslogo std.pngVodafone Giants
45Logo std.pngCream eSports
46Logo std.pnginc
47Logo std.pngDELUSION
48Logo std.pngPeeen
49Butcherslogo std.pngButchers
50Team Echo Zululogo std.pngTeam Echo Zulu
51Logo std.pngUK's Finest
52Valkirialogo std.pngValkiria
53K1ck eSports Clublogo std.pngK1CK eSports Club
54Sammy's Fortnite Esportslogo std.pngSF Esports
55Logo std.pngUniQue Team
56Logo std.pngPURITY
57Logo std.pngDEDICATED
58EyeShield Gaminglogo std.pngEyeShield Gaming
59Logo std.pngHYPERBRUH
60Logo std.pngMake it Rain
61Logo std.pngTeam Heavy
62Logo std.pngTeam Trash
63Logo std.pngto gaming
64Wolves eSportslogo std.pngWolves eSports
65Logo std.pngDelta EU
66Logo std.pngCloud Team
67Logo std.pngDream Builders
69Logo std.pngJAEGER Ace Tobijas
70Logo std.pngLuna
71Logo std.pngPlebovia
72Logo std.pngpro btw
73Logo std.pnghot grills
74Logo std.pngLunatic
75Logo std.pngTeam Vision
76Logo std.png20cm
77Logo std.pngFirst Try
78Logo std.pngHUPS
79Invizy Esportlogo std.pngInvizy Esport
80Logo std.pngJAEGERPopper
81Logo std.pngMASSIVE
82Logo std.pngPalyers
83Logo std.pngPOGINCHET
84Logo std.pngRussian Cake
85Logo std.pngSwallow Team
86VIKINGS Esportslogo std.pngVIKINGS Esports
87Logo std.pngCasualty
88Logo std.pngEmpathic Esports
89Logo std.pngFade
90Logo std.pngPenguins
91Uniquestarslogo std.pngUniquestars
92Logo std.pngKingsFN
93Logo std.pngUnknown
94Logo std.pngTriple X
95Heatwave eSportslogo std.pngHeatwave eSports
96Logo std.pngTYSKS
97Logo std.pngVelocity
98Xypher Esportslogo std.pngXypher Esports
99Logo std.pngESC
100Logo std.pngNTK
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Eye - Show All.pngRosters

Final Results

Team Final
Team Atlantislogo std.pngTeam Atlantis 1
Team Atlantislogo std.pngTeam Atlantis 16
Team Atlantislogo std.pngTeam Atlantis
Logo std.pngTeam Secret 2
Logo std.pngTeam Secret 14
Logo std.pngTeam Secret
Team Kinguinlogo std.pngTeam Kinguin Black 3
Team Kinguinlogo std.pngTeam Kinguin Black 12
Team Kinguinlogo std.pngTeam Kinguin Black
Logo std.pngPurge Dragons 4
Logo std.pngPurge Dragons 10
Logo std.pngPurge Dragons
Logo std.pngThunderboys 5
Logo std.pngThunderboys 10
Logo std.pngThunderboys
Octagonlogo std.pngOctagon 6
Octagonlogo std.pngOctagon 6
Octagonlogo std.pngOctagon
Logo std.pngTeam Squash 7
Logo std.pngTeam Squash 6
Logo std.pngTeam Squash
Mousesportslogo std.pngMousesports 8
Mousesportslogo std.pngMousesports 6
Mousesportslogo std.pngMousesports
Logo std.pngHigh Rise 9
Logo std.pngHigh Rise 4
Logo std.pngHigh Rise
Epsilon eSportslogo std.pngEpsilon eSports 10
Epsilon eSportslogo std.pngEpsilon eSports 4
Epsilon eSportslogo std.pngEpsilon eSports
Fact Revolutionlogo std.pngFact Revolution 11
Fact Revolutionlogo std.pngFact Revolution 4
Fact Revolutionlogo std.pngFact Revolution
Logo std.pngeternal 12
Logo std.pngeternal 4
Logo std.pngeternal
Logo std.pngpacific 13
Logo std.pngpacific 3
Logo std.pngpacific
Team Quesologo std.pngTeam Queso 14
Team Quesologo std.pngTeam Queso 2
Team Quesologo std.pngTeam Queso
Logo std.pngTeam Occult 15
Logo std.pngTeam Occult 2
Logo std.pngTeam Occult
Logo std.pngVulcan 16
Logo std.pngVulcan 2
Logo std.pngVulcan
Alliancelogo std.pngAlliance 17
Alliancelogo std.pngAlliance 0
Alliancelogo std.pngAlliance
Gambit Esportslogo std.pngGambit Esports 18
Gambit Esportslogo std.pngGambit Esports 0
Gambit Esportslogo std.pngGambit Esports
Logo std.pngTeam FAITH 19
Logo std.pngTeam FAITH 0
Logo std.pngTeam FAITH
Crazy Crew E-sportslogo std.pngCrazy Crew E-sports 20
Crazy Crew E-sportslogo std.pngCrazy Crew E-sports 0
Crazy Crew E-sportslogo std.pngCrazy Crew E-sports
Logo std.pngTeam Trihard 21
Logo std.pngTeam Trihard 0
Logo std.pngTeam Trihard
RKS Esportslogo std.pngRKS Esports 22
RKS Esportslogo std.pngRKS Esports 0
RKS Esportslogo std.pngRKS Esports
On Fire Redlogo std.pngOn Fire Red 23
On Fire Redlogo std.pngOn Fire Red 0
On Fire Redlogo std.pngOn Fire Red


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