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Background Information
NameGiorgio Calandrelli
Country of BirthItaly Italy
Power Rankings
TeamFnaticlogo std.pngFnatic
Social Media & Links
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Team History
Jul 2018 - Present
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Fnaticlogo std.pngFnatic

Giorgio "POW3R" Calandrelli is a player for Fnatic.


Player Settings

Player Settings - Last Updated: 2018-08-24 (Source)
DPI Sens X Sens Y ADS Sens Scoped Sens
400 0.08 0.06 0.70 0.55
Resolution Aspect Ratio 3D Resolution Inventory Building Edit
1920x1080 16:9 1920x1080 I G
Wall Floor Stairs Roof Trap
Q T E Mouse 5 Mouse 4


  • POW3R is a former Call of Duty and Overwatch pro player.

Tournament Results

POW3R Tournament Results
DateTypePlPR PtsPlatformEventTeamRoster
2019-12-22Duo07100071900PCWinter Royalelogo small.pngWinter Royale Europe 2019: Day 3TBDlogo std.pngPOW3R, Shmeky
2019-12-19Squad (4)0050005PCUnknown Infobox Image - Tournament.pngCommunity Showdown FinalsTBDlogo std.pngPOW3R, Shmeky, AyarBaffo, BelliX
2019-11-25Squad (4)02200022War Legend- Invitational Serieslogo small.pngWar Legend: Invitational Series Week 1 Session 1TBDlogo std.pngShmeky, Piz, POW3R, darker
2019-11-18Squad (4)01800018WL invitational.pngWar Legend: Holly Hedges - InvitationalTBDlogo std.pngShmeky, darker, Piz, POW3R
2019-11-12Squad (4)01900019Fishy Cuplogo small.pngFishy Cup Series: Cup 4TBDlogo std.pngShmeky, darker, Piz, POW3R
2019-11-11Squad (4)02400024WL invitational.pngWar Legend: Sweaty Sands - InvitationalTBDlogo std.pngShmeky, POW3R, darker, Piz
2019-11-05Squad (4)01700017Fishy Cuplogo small.pngFishy Cup Series: Cup 3TBDlogo std.pngShmeky, darker, Piz, POW3R
2019-11-04Squad (4)01200012WL invitational.pngWar Legend: Salty Springs - InvitationalTBDlogo std.pngShmeky, Piz, POW3R, darker
2019-10-29Squad (4)02100021Fishy Cuplogo small.pngFishy Cup Series: Cup 2TBDlogo std.pngPOW3R, Piz, Shmeky, darker
2019-10-28Squad (4)01000010WL invitational.pngWar Legend: Slurpy Swamp - InvitationalTBDlogo std.pngPOW3R, Piz, Shmeky, darker
2019-10-27Squad (4)07100071350PCFNCS C2S1 small.pngFortnite Champion Series Warmup: Semi-Finals - EuropeTBDlogo std.pngPOW3R, Piz, Shmeky, darker
2019-10-22Squad (4)0070007Fishy Cuplogo small.pngFishy Cup SeriesTBDlogo std.pngPOW3R, Piz, Shmeky, Heatzy
2019-10-21Squad (4)01000010WL invitational.pngWar Legend: Apollo - InvitationalTBDlogo std.pngPOW3R, Piz, Shmeky, Heatzy
2019-09-06Squad (3)143000143400PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngChampion's Trios Cash Cup: Week 3 - EuropeTBDlogo std.pngPOW3R, Ragez, Rekins
2019-08-25Squad (3)113000113500PCFNCSlogo small.pngFortnite Champion Series: Season X - Week 2: EuropeTBDlogo std.pngPOW3R, Ragez, Rekins
2019-03-17Duo107000107600PCEpic Gameslogo small.pngScallywag Cup - EuropeFnaticlogo std.pngFNCPOW3R, Motor
2019-03-03Duo029000291000PCESLlogo small.pngKatowice Royale 2019Fnaticlogo std.pngFNCPOW3R, Jarl
2019-03-01Solo09800098500PCESLlogo small.pngKatowice RoyaleFnaticlogo std.pngFNCPOW3R
2018-09-21Duo03500035200PCFall Skirmish small.pngFall Skirmish Series EU - Week 1Fnaticlogo std.pngFNCErycTriceps, POW3R
2018-08-18Duo01300013150PCSSSlogo small.pngSummer Skirmish Series EU - Week 6 Day 2Fnaticlogo std.pngFNCJarl, POW3R
2018-08-17Duo0050005250PCSSSlogo small.pngSummer Skirmish Series EU - Week 6 Day 1Fnaticlogo std.pngFNCJarl, POW3R
2018-08-12Duo0030003PCSalty Summerlogo small.pngSalty Summer/Week 1TBDlogo std.pngErycTriceps, POW3R
2018-08-11Duo01500015600PCSSSlogo small.pngSummer Skirmish Series EU - Week 5Fnaticlogo std.pngFNCJarl, POW3R
2018-08-04Solo04600046100PCSSSlogo small.pngSummer Skirmish Series EU - Week 4Fnaticlogo std.pngFNCPOW3R
2018-07-28Duo01400014600PCSSSlogo small.pngSummer Skirmish Series EU - Week 3Fnaticlogo std.pngFNCEttnix, POW3R
2018-07-21Solo02500025PCSSSlogo small.pngSummer Skirmish Series EU - Week 2Fnaticlogo std.pngFNCPOW3R





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