Power Ranking European Masters

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Power Ranking European Masters
Tournament Information
OrganizerAllStars Acy
Fortnite Wiki eSports
Fortnite Wiki eSports
Number of Teams100
TierMajor Local
Location & Dates


Power Ranking European Masters or PREM is the first European competition in Fortnite where each team is composed exclusively by players from the same nation who are playing to declare what nation has the duo in Europe. The event will be hosted by AllStars Acy and Fortnite Wiki eSports staff. The player join the tournament after an invite, the best player of a nation has been selected as the Captain of the nation, the captain could choice a player as his duo mate only if the second players has the same nationality of the captain or the player was born in the same country of the captain or the player nationality is the same of the country of born of the captain or if the player has the double citizenship and one of those is the same of the captain.


  • The game mode is Duo
  • The players will play 6 match

Points Breakdown

Point Distribution
Placement Points
Victory Royale 15
Top 3 10
Top 6 8
Top 10 6
Top 15 4
Top 21 2
Top 28 1
Elimination 1

Prize Pool

PlacementIcon1.png 1114Russia (National Team)logo std.pngRussialetw1k3, Kiryache32
PlacementIcon2.png 267Republic of Ireland (National Team)logo std.pngIrelandlolb0om, saevid
PlacementIcon3.png 365Scotland (National Team)logo std.pngScotlandGemz, CoreGamingg
460Portugal (National Team)logo std.pngPortugalEdr4k1ll, Dangoms
558Netherlands (National Team)logo std.pngNetherlandsMitr0, Milan
655Slovenia (National Team)logo std.pngSloveniaK1nzell, Tohaj
755Latvia (National Team)logo std.pngLatviaGeNnIs, Domentos
854Ukraine (National Team)logo std.pngUkraineStormyrite, freemok
950Finland (National Team)logo std.pngFinlandBELAEU, Lareez
1048England (National Team)logo std.pngEnglandBenjyfishy, Mongraal
1147Serbia (National Team)logo std.pngSerbiaTruleX, Queasy
1246Hungary (National Team)logo std.pngHungarySweet, ΝΟVΛ
1340Switzerland (National Team)logo std.pngSwitzerlandairwaks, 4zr
1438Israel (National Team)logo std.pngIsraeldanDAN, SoMiN
1537Poland (National Team)logo std.pngPolandteeq, 3vil
1636Algeria (National Team)logo std.pngAlgeriaDMSIK, FlyZAK
1735Wales (National Team)logo std.pngWalescrr, Primzhy
1835Turkey (National Team)logo std.pngTurkeyRasney, MOTOR
1930Lithuania (National Team)logo std.pngLithuaniaRedRush, ErycTriceps
2030Iceland (National Team)logo std.pngIcelanddrepa, Magnus
2126Denmark (National Team)logo std.pngDenmarkTh0masHD, Klusia
2226Northern Ireland (National Team)logo std.pngNorthern IrelandLogic, Orbit
2325Italy (National Team)logo std.pngItalyJamz, bryzee
2425Albania (National Team)logo std.pngAlbaniaRLluka, leo the crack
2524Austria (National Team)logo std.pngAustriastompy, aqua
2623North Macedonia (National Team)logo std.pngNorth MacedoniaRaptey, MRTN
2722France (National Team)logo std.pngFranceNikof, Skite
2821Slovakia (National Team)logo std.pngSlovakiadext, starly
2920Spain (National Team)logo std.pngSpainvorwenn, Belvid
3020Sweden (National Team)logo std.pngSwedenChapix, znappy
3119Bulgaria (National Team)logo std.pngBulgaria4A1A, Mastirias
3218Czech Republic (National Team)logo std.pngCzech RepublicNistex, marteen
3317Greece (National Team)logo std.pngGreeceReit, Tsonis
3416Norway (National Team)logo std.pngNorwayMrSavage, Endretta
3516Belgium (National Team)logo std.pngBelgiumDRG, Noward
3615Tunisia (National Team)logo std.pngTunisiaHerra, Sad
3715Bosnia and Herzegovina (National Team)logo std.pngBosniastatiska, Khuna
3811Estonia (National Team)logo std.pngEstoniaRaas, Lushe
3910Croatia (National Team)logo std.pngCroatiaJur3ky, doma
4010Syria (National Team)logo std.pngSyriaSouriano, Al4n
4110Romania (National Team)logo std.pngRomaniaPapanas, SpeezyX9
428Germany (National Team)logo std.pngGermanyLeTsHe, fwexy
438Belarus (National Team)logo std.pngBelarusSuicidemarkk, Mawakha
447Lebanon (National Team)logo std.pngLebanonSnowvaks, Stilson
454Morocco (National Team)logo std.pngMoroccoBamboе, Aura
464Jordan (National Team)logo std.pngJordanOneshot, iiUniit
472Kosovo (National Team)logo std.pngKosovoFalkon, Egore
482Georgia (National Team)logo std.pngGeorgiaChimp, Rellab
491United Arab Emirates (National Team)logo std.pngUAERampage, Brook


Replaced with UAE

Luxembourg (National Team)logo square.png Luxembourg Hawkers
Luxembourg Floriixn



Articles & Videos

Fortnite Tracker article introducing PREM



Official announcement 2020-01-03

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