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Rosenfole's Fortnite Worldwide Rankings

  • This leaderboard is taking in account events on 2 years: 2018 and 2019.
  • Power Rankings 2019 can be found on this link.
  • Contact via Twitter or Discord at Rosenfole#2740.
  • SAC Code to use in the item shop: ROSENFOLE

Browsing advices

  • I strongly suggest taking couple minutes to read this page before browsing the tabs.
  • Please understand that this is in early development and many things are subject to change.
  • Those rankings are not made no be used on any external website without authorization.

Tabs informations

  • List of tournaments taken in account for the leaderboard on the tab: Overview > Tournaments List. Details on the Tiers/Points System on the tab Overview > Tiers/Points System.
  • There is a tab for each region: Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Oceania. For each region you will find 3 sub tabs: Overview (leaderboard of teams with the four starting players of the main roster), Players (list of players), and Free Agents (list of Free agents only). For Europe there is an extra tab with sub regional rankings for different parts of Europe called Regional Rankings.
  • The International tab is taking the leaderboard of each region and crossing them together to make a worldwide leaderboard. I suggest you dont give too much importance to this ranking with the current state of the Fortnite competitive scene.
  • The Countries tab is showing the top players per countries sorted by continents.


  • How does this works ?

A player score is acquired depending on his results in the featured tournaments that i am using im my rankings. Each tournament i am using have a certain "Tier", that is decided based on the competitive value of each tournament, the number of slots, the scale of the event, the format, and/or the number of top players or teams. Sometimes, certain specific tournaments will have a special "Tier" how is going to be different that the permanent "Tiers". You can find all the informations regarding "Tiers" and points breakdown for each of them under the tab "TIERS".

For the 2019 open events (via ingame tournaments system) the top 200 players from the Finals (Round 2) only are rewarded with points since STL.

A team score is the addition of the 4 players points with the highest scores from the team/organization.

  • How to appear on this leaderboard ?

By competing in any of the featured tournaments. You can see the list of tournaments under the tab : "TOURNAMENTS", and on each region tab there is also a list of tournament for that specific region. A minimum score can be required to appear on a certain list depending on the region.