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Rosenfole's Fortnite Worldwide Rankings

FAQ / Intro

  • The leaderboard will always be updated here first now.
  • You can find the Global Power Rankings leaderboard for the year 2019 only on this link.
  • You can find the Rankings: Fortnite France, based on LAN results only, on this link.
  • Contact via Twitter.

Browsing advices

  • List of tournaments taken in account for the leaderboard on the tab: Overview > Tournaments List. Explanations and details on the Tiers/Points System on the tab Overview > Tournaments List.
  • There is a tab for each region: Europe, North America, China, Southeast Asia, Oceania, and South America. For each region you will find 3 sub tabs: Overview (leaderboard of teams with the four starting players of the main roster), Players (list of top players), and Free Agents (list of top Free agents). For Europe there is an extra tab with sub regional rankings for different parts of Europe called Regional Rankings.
  • The International tab is taking the leaderboard of each region and crossing them together to make a worldwide leaderboard. I suggest you dont give too much importance to this ranking with the current state of the Fortnite competitive scene.
  • The Countries tab is showing the top 10 players for several countries.
  • I strongly suggest taking couple minutes to read this page before browsing the tabs.
  • Please understand that this is in early development and many things are subject to change.
  • Those rankings are not made no be used on any external website without authorization.
  • I want to apologize for my english, I am not a native speaker and i know it is far from perfection.


I decided to create this worldwide ranking system after the similar document i made for the french Fortnite scene (see above). It is something that, if i am not mistaking, nobody really tried even if a bunch of people gave it a lot of thoughts. I am fully aware that this system is not perfect and has a lot of flaws. It is definitely a work in progress, inspired by many things such as the Dota 2 pro circuit points system or the GosuGamers rankings. In no ways, i have any intent to show bias towards a specific region, team or player. It is very hard to compare and rank teams in the world of Fortnite since there has not been any international tournament with a competitive format yet. It is not possible to draw conclusions that a team is better than an other only based on points and statistics. What this ranking system does however, is highlight the best performing teams and players since the beginning of the year and through different events/tournaments all over the world.


  • How did you created/choose the ranking system and points breakdown ?

The ranking system is the same used in the Dota 2 Pro Circuit. Team points are the addition of each starting player of the roster points. The points breakdown for each tournament's tier can look a bit «random» in some ways. I tried to make it the most fair as possible, and i also thought that BR games have a lot of random factors anyway. For example, you can finish at the 8th place of a tournament instead of the 5th place in a matter of seconds because you could not edit in time with server having a hard time, or maybe you kept getting unlucky with the RNG of the circles or maybe just because you had bad chance with the loot in general.

  • So how does this works ?

A player score is acquired depending on his results in the featured tournaments that i am using im my rankings. Each tournament i am using have a certain "Tier", that is defined depending on the competitive value of each tournament, the number of slots, and the number of top players or teams. Sometimes, certain specific tournaments will have a special "Tier" how is going to be different that the permanent "Tiers". Currently there is 3 permanent "Tiers". You can find all the informations regarding "Tiers" and points breakdown for each of them under the tab "TIERS".

A team score is the addition of the 4 starting players (main roster) score. If a team or an organization has more than 4 active players, in some case they will still have a starting roster made of 4 players, and a various number of Solo or Duo players. If they dont have a defined, in most case, i will then use the 4 players with the highest score. For exemple: FaZe Clan has a starting roster of 4 players: Tfue, Cloak, Jaomock, and Tennp0. But they also have a lot of solo players such as Nate Hill, who might have more points than some players in the starting 4. He will then be added to the list of top players but not on the "teams" leaderboard.

  • How to appear on this leaderboard ?

So currently it depends from region to region since there is not the same number of tournaments in each of them. You can see the list of tournaments under the tab : "TOURNAMENTS", and on each region tab there is also a list of tournament for that specific region. For exemple to appear in the Free Agents list for EUROPE, the minimum is 500 points, and for NORTH AMERICA, the minimum is 300 points. To appear in the top players list, the minimum is 1000 points. I am trying to add as many teams and organizations as possible as long as they have at least 2 results or one sometimes in some specific cases. For exemple if a team belongs to a region with very limited number of tournaments.

  • Why are the tiers different from one Week of the Skirmish to another ?

It all the depends on the competitive nature of each Skirmish Week. The SS Week 1 had a limited number of players and was more like a test than real competition. SS Week 2 was the one where each player had to go in 10 public matches and try to get the highest score possible, i don't consider that competition/esport so i decided to not add it to the list. Same for the SS Week 6 and SS Week 7 that were part of Twitch Rivals, not interesting from a competitive point of view. SS Week 3, SS Week 4, and SS Week 5 had some decent/good display of what competitive Fortnite can be like, so i decided to keep them with the Major Regional tier.