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Rocket-O-Llama Cup - Finals

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Rocket-O-Llama Cup
Rocket-O-Llama Cup.png
Tournament Information
OrganizerWar Legend
Location & Dates
CountryEurope Europe
Start Date2019-01-26
End Date2019-01-27
WinnerTeam-LDLClogo std.png Nayte, Spk
SecondLeStream Esportlogo std.png Blax, TheVic
The Rocket-O-Llama Cup is an offline series of tournaments organized by War Legend on the PAN European Cup format. For this first edition, 6 tournaments will take place across Europe on January 26 and January 27, 2019. The 6 cities: Paris and Marseille (France), Athens and Thessaloniki (Greece), and Madrid and Barcelona (Spain).


  • Partnered centers for this edition:
    • France France: Milk Asus Esport Arena Paris & MCES Marseille
    • Greece Greece: Battlenet Arena Agios Dimitrios Athens & Battlenet Arena Navarinou Thessaloniki
    • Spain Spain: Elite Gaming Center Madrid & Elite Gaming Center Barcelona


  • Phase 1: Road to European Championship.
    • Four bulck of 3 games each. Top 10 advances to European Final.
  • Phase 2: European Final
    • 30 teams: top 10 teams from each cluster (6 Games)

Points Breakdown

  • Victory Royale: 60 points
  • Average Team Survival Time: from 0 to 60 points
  • Each throwdown (KO): 3 points
  • Each elimination (Kill): 4 points
  • Bonus throwdown + elimination: 6 points

Prize Pool

PlacementIcon1.png 1Team-LDLClogo std.pngTeam-LDLCNayte, Spk
PlacementIcon2.png 2LeStream Esportlogo std.pngLeStream EsportBlax, TheVic
PlacementIcon3.png 3Team Quesologo std.pngTeam QuesoPotato, Prisi0n3r0
4Airwaks, Nikof
5Team Vitalitylogo std.pngTeam VitalityKeolys, Maxalibur
6CraKy, Backed
7Horizon EClogo std.pngHorizon ECLlobeti4, SilenzZ
8Team Quesologo std.pngTeam QuesoClynt, Naranj1t0
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9Solarylogo std.pngSolarymzQQQ, XEWER
10Team MCESlogo std.pngTeam MCESAndilex, Orkh
11WLGaming Esportslogo std.pngWLGaming EsportsTsonis, Lucid
12Cream Real Betislogo std.pngCream Real BetisSage, Santova
13Crazy Crew E-sportslogo std.pngCrazy CrewReyes, Pablochos
14Death, Frοstmane
15Vxs eSportslogo std.pngVxs eSportsChuckno, Gamer
16DoctorPwnz, FantasyStar
17FlyZAK, Zmy
18Saxen, Exzzy
19Movistar Riderslogo std.pngMovistar RidersCarguai, ZohaaN
20Jaynx, LKZ
21Hyped, NeronK
22Arx1, Stou
23acronym, Lazy
24NotNightmare, MrSkrappy
25Termitis, Villex
26WLGaming Esportslogo std.pngWLGaming EsportsFlaw, FailRush
27Mav3ricks eSports Clublogo std.pngMav3ricksbiosquita, XEXU
28Xypher Esportslogo std.pngXypher EsportsSideris, Drays
29Lamacrew, Showness
30Rukii, Marcy
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Notables Participants


Unaffiliated Teams

Logo square.png Greece Arx1
Greece Stou
Logo square.png Spain Jaynx
Spain LKZ
Logo square.png Spain Rukii
Spain Marcy
Logo square.png Denmark Saxen
Spain Exzzy


Team Final
Team-LDLClogo std.png SpkNayte 1
Team-LDLClogo std.png SpkNayte 758
Team-LDLClogo std.png SpkNayte
LeStream Esportlogo std.png TheVicBlax 2
LeStream Esportlogo std.png TheVicBlax 756
LeStream Esportlogo std.png TheVicBlax
Team Quesologo std.png PotatoPrisi0n3r0 3
Team Quesologo std.png PotatoPrisi0n3r0 710
Team Quesologo std.png PotatoPrisi0n3r0
AirwaksNikof 4
AirwaksNikof 618
Team Vitalitylogo std.png KeolysMaxalibur 5
Team Vitalitylogo std.png KeolysMaxalibur 590
Team Vitalitylogo std.png KeolysMaxalibur
CraKyBacked 6
CraKyBacked 581
Logo std.png Llobeti4SilenzZ 7
Logo std.png Llobeti4SilenzZ 495
Logo std.png Llobeti4SilenzZ
Team Quesologo std.png ClyntNaranj1t0 8
Team Quesologo std.png ClyntNaranj1t0 471
Team Quesologo std.png ClyntNaranj1t0
Solarylogo std.png MzQQQXEWER 9
Solarylogo std.png MzQQQXEWER 431
Solarylogo std.png MzQQQXEWER
Team MCESlogo std.png AndilexOrkh 10
Team MCESlogo std.png AndilexOrkh 431
Team MCESlogo std.png AndilexOrkh
WLGaming Esportslogo std.png TsonisLucid 11
WLGaming Esportslogo std.png TsonisLucid 420
WLGaming Esportslogo std.png TsonisLucid
Logo std.png SantovaSage 12
Logo std.png SantovaSage 405
Logo std.png SantovaSage
Crazy Crew E-sportslogo std.png ReyesPablochos 13
Crazy Crew E-sportslogo std.png ReyesPablochos 396
Crazy Crew E-sportslogo std.png ReyesPablochos
DeathFrostmane 14
DeathFrostmane 390
Vxs eSportslogo std.png ChucknoGamer 15
Vxs eSportslogo std.png ChucknoGamer 385
Vxs eSportslogo std.png ChucknoGamer
DoctorPwnzFantasyStar 16
DoctorPwnzFantasyStar 370
Monaco eSportslogo std.png ZmyFlyZAK 17
Monaco eSportslogo std.png ZmyFlyZAK 363
Monaco eSportslogo std.png ZmyFlyZAK
SaxenExzzy 18
SaxenExzzy 353
Movistar Riderslogo std.png CarguaiZohaaN 19
Movistar Riderslogo std.png CarguaiZohaaN 336
Movistar Riderslogo std.png CarguaiZohaaN
JaynxLKZ 20
JaynxLKZ 336
HypedNeronK 21
HypedNeronK 334
Arx1d1Stou 22
Arx1d1Stou 322
acronymLazy 23
acronymLazy 306
NotNightmareMrSkrappy 24
NotNightmareMrSkrappy 336
TermitisVillex 25
TermitisVillex 235
WLGaming Esportslogo std.png FlawFailRush 26
WLGaming Esportslogo std.png FlawFailRush 231
WLGaming Esportslogo std.png FlawFailRush
Mav3ricks eSports Clublogo std.png plbiosquitaraysXEXU 27
Mav3ricks eSports Clublogo std.png plbiosquitaraysXEXU 205
Mav3ricks eSports Clublogo std.png plbiosquitaraysXEXU
Xypher Esportslogo std.png SiderisDrays 28
Xypher Esportslogo std.png SiderisDrays 161
Xypher Esportslogo std.png SiderisDrays
LamacrewShowness 29
LamacrewShowness 68
RukiiMarcy 30
RukiiMarcy 0


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