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SCYTES Esports
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Team Information
Middle East
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SCYTES Esports is a Middle Eastern Team


Team Scytes is an e-sports organization that is based in Fortnite and few other games, the team has just grown since then to become a leading face in the Fortnite community with their reputation and stature preceding them. The main strength of the team is its passion-driven love for gaming which still is the foundation of this team. Team SCYTES aspires to become one of the top teams in the e-sports league and make the best community.


Player Roster


C ID Name Role Squad Joined
Br1ckzl Anas Bassem Player 1 05/08/2020
Hawk Hawk Player - 10/14/2020
Fares Fares Player 1 10/14/2020
Flamors Moosa Ahsan Player 2 04/05/2020
Bomba Ahmad Seris Player - 04/06/2020
Killer Boy Murtaza Ayoub Player 2 05/11/2020
Jez Player 2 09/29/2020
Linjy Ammar Linjawi Player 1 05/?/2020
Vein Sedhryx Angelo Player 2 04/23/2020
NetloV Danendra Arkananta Player 3 09/29/2020
ZooM ZooM Player 1 09/29/2020
Jiraiya Krish Jacob Player 3 05/21/2020
Shah (ME Player) Adam Shah Player 3 06/?/2020


C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
Idk Zain Shah 80Player
05/21/202005/21/2020 2020-112020-11
Ryzen Ayden Berbari 80Player Hawk Domainlogo std.pngHawk Domain 08-15-202008-15-2020 2020-112020-11
Wiz Zaid 80Player
10-14-202010-14-2020 2020-112020-11
Esca Ali 80Player
10/19/202010/19/2020 11-2020??-2020
Erinozy Thibo Morganti 80Player
111??? 111???
Krool Javier Castillo 80Player Phoenix Empirelogo std.pngPhoenix Empire 06-30-202006-30-2020 111???
KuKi Kummale Abbass 80Player
06/01/202006/01/2020 08/30/202008/30/2020
AhmarTheGreat Muhammad Ahmar 80Player Pegasus Esportslogo std.pngPegasus Esports 04/16/202004/16/2020 08/15/202008/15/2020
Linx 80Player LND Esportslogo std.pngLND Esports 06/1/202006/?/2020 08/07/202008/07/2020
Slay Anis Imran 80Player
04/08/202004/08/2020 05/08/202005/08/2020


C ID Name Position
Skivjet Dibyasorup Das Owner
Doxik Tofeeq Rashid Head of Department
ZeaFlex Vedant Rele Chief of Operations
Star Sahil Hinduja Partner
Hashim Muhammad Hashim Partner
Darius Mohammad Hissam Community Manager
Pseudo Anshuman Bakshi Community Manager
Flim Ayan Ahmed Community Manager
Cigar Raghav Chhabra Content Creator
Mizo Mahek Syed Content Creator
SidLegend Siddhant Tiwari Content Creator
PixelPlays Abhishek Mudgal Content Creator
ElizaNite Elizaveta Den Content Creator
captain india Content Creator
Fing Content Creator


C ID Name Position Next Team
GhostZ Head Manager Retiredlogo std.pngRetired
Noobzie Abdul Muqsit Community Manager

Team Results

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