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SC Braga Esports/Tournament Results

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SC Braga Esports Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
2019-04-21Duo148000148$500$ 500€ 445FN World Cuplogo small.png WC 2019 EU Qualifiers - Week 2PLN, MIKES
2019-04-07Duo02600026$600$ 600$600Epic Gameslogo small.png World Cup Warmup - NAEEdr4K1ll, DanGoms
2019-04-07Duo01900019$900$ 900$900Epic Gameslogo small.png World Cup Warmup - EuropeEdr4K1ll, DanGoms
2019-03-31Duo02200022$800$ 800$800Epic Gameslogo small.png Luxe Cup - EuropeEdr4K1ll, DanGoms
2019-03-24Solo147000147Epic Gameslogo small.png Blackheart Cup - North America EastPLN
2019-03-24Solo117000117$100$ 100€ 88Epic Gameslogo small.png Blackheart Cup - EuropeEdr4K1ll
2019-03-17Duo07000070Epic Gameslogo small.png Scallywag Cup - North America EastMIKES, PLN
2019-03-10Duo139000139Epic Gameslogo small.png Gauntlet - EuropePLN, MIKES
2019-03-10Solo03400034Epic Gameslogo small.png Gauntlet - EuropeDanGoms
2019-03-10Solo136000136Epic Gameslogo small.png Gauntlet - EuropeEdr4K1ll
2019-03-04Duo07900079Share The Lovelogo small.png Share The Love - EuropePLN, MIKES
2019-03-04Solo103000103Share The Lovelogo small.png Share The Love - EuropePLN
Total Prize:USD 2,900