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Team Information
Org LocationFrance France
Team LocationFrance France
Created6 Avr 2019
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Slide Esport is a European team.



Player Roster


C ID Name Role Squad Joined
France Azghul 1Player 1 24.10.2019
France Laazarov 1Player 1 19.03.2020
France Dragou 1Player 1 19.03.2020
France Lenzh 1Player 2 ???
France Mayzen 1Player 1 ???


C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
France Attak 02 Player OtterWorld eSportlogo std.pngOtterWorld eSport Aug 2019 Oct 2019
France Eveer 02 Player 9INElogo std.png9INE Oct 2019 ???
France Clement Clement Lesobre 02 Player Supremacylogo std.pngSupremacy Apr 2019 Aug 2019
France Hulkk Billy Cresp 02 Player OtterWorld eSportlogo std.pngOtterWorld eSport May 2019 Oct 2019
France Faayn Yannis Abatouy 02 Player
Apr 2019 Aug 2019
France Shibukkai Nadir B 02 Player
Oct 2019 Dec 2019
France Frozen 02 Player Exaltylogo std.pngExalty Août 2019 Dec 2019
France Nia 02 Player Team Saqrlogo std.pngTeam Saqr 01.12.2019 2020-01-??
France wynghels 02 Player Logo std.pngLawless Esport 13.01.2020 12.03.2020
France ZQ 02 Player Team MCESlogo std.pngTeam MCES 31.12.2019 02.03.2020
France JuleZ 02 Player
15.02.2020 16.04.2020
France Nawqa 02 Player Glorious Esportlogo std.pngGlorious Esport 03.12.2019 02.06.2020


C ID Name Position
France JRKKNG Yves Président
France K4LI Florien Vice-Président
France Weazn Vice-Président
France Nahya Damien Head Manager
France Sylyx Responsable Event
France Legend Responsable recrutement
France Ianis Responsable Communication
France Etelco Ethan Fortnite Manager
France Shadow WebTv Manager
France Blushmar Community Manager
France WaYane Community Manager
France Raypea Fortnite Coach
France Manuu Fortnite Analyst
France Remy Graphiste Designer

Team Results

This table shows up to the 10 most recent results. For complete results, click here.

Slide Esport Tournament Results - Show Prize as (LocalUSDEuros)
2020-08-01Solo06600066$200$ 200€ 174FNCS C2S3 small.png Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2 Season 3 Qualifier 1 - EuropeLaazarov
2020-07-31Solo02500025Epic Gameslogo small.png Bugha Throwback Cup - EuropeMayzen
2020-07-23Solo02500025Epic Gameslogo small.png Platform Cash Cup - PC: Chapter 2 Season 3 Week 2 - Middle EastMayzen
2020-06-03Solo06600066BDS CUP small.png BDS Cup - 3Nawqa
2020-06-01Solo07300073WL invitational.png War Legend: Edition BouillabaisseAzghul
2020-06-01Solo08400084WL invitational.png War Legend: Edition BouillabaisseNawqa
2020-05-20Solo03400034WL invitational.png War Legend: Edition KWKAzghul
2020-05-20Solo07900079WL invitational.png War Legend: Edition KWKNawqa
2020-05-12Solo03000030WL invitational.png War Legend: Invitational - 35Nawqa
2020-05-08Solo03300033Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png TheVic Cup - FinaleNawqa
Total Prize:USD 200





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