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Cargo Declaration

This template adds rows to the table "News", which is declared by the template News/CargoDec. View table. See {{News/CargoDec}} for table documentation. See {{CargoDeclare/News }}m to update documentation or table values. Accepts four arguments:

  • |team= - The team name; will be passed through {{team}}
  • |region= - An undisplayed argument used to define Property:News Region
  • |text= - The text of the news item

Requires variables defined elsewhere:

  • {{#var:year}} - The 4-digit year (defined at the top of the news page)
  • {{#var:month}} - The 2-digit month (defined in {{NewsDate}}
  • {{#var:day}} - The 2-digit day (defined in {{NewsDate}}
  • {{#var:N}} - An index of news items that happened that day (defined initially in {{NewsDate}} and then self-increments)

This template is ONLY meant to be used on Project:News and its archive pages, nowhere else!

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